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BH6 RotG- Words for you I by christon-clivef

Well thank you very much for making me cry over two fictional characters, who I love so much. You managed to cram so much poignant feel...

Made of Love by BeckHop
by BeckHop

I love it all. The shae of the red, giving garnets body a sorta...galaxy look. Makes her seem like the being Eternity from Marvel. Who ...

Season Finale! by RandomDraggon

I lvoe this!! The color, the pose, the mood attached. It shows how much oyu love the show, and reflects my OWN love for the show too. A...

more mermaids by delinquentmiley

I love the originallity of this, mind you mermaids are a common plot idea, but the way you take these two characters, gender bend them ...


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Hopefully my friends will show their support. I tae points or Dollars through paypal. However you want is fine :D

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Well thank you very much for making me cry over two fictional characters, who I love so much. You managed to cram so much poignant feeling and utter love into this pic. I mean, seriously. It just....GRABS your face, and makes you look at the colors, the scenes, from the start to the end. And you feel the need to wipe away the tears with every word.

Maybe that's just me, but I am TRULY in awe of this picture, one hundred percent. Truly. Utterly. In. AWE.

Shattered too. I mean, it makes your heart clench, and think of ALL the other brothers and sisters, out there, or people unable to wave good-bye.

But it makes you want to cling to them, and make sure you don't waste a single moment.

:iconcryforeverplz: I will remember this little piece of art to my last day!! :iconsupertighthugplz: brilliant!!

Lady Despair-Queen of Darkness by bbb35
Lady Despair-Queen of Darkness
The subject of our first painting tonight is the most foul, evil, vicious, diabolical witch to stalk the earth. Of course I refer to Lady Despair/Sierra D'spayre

She is a billion year old sorceress empty of heart, who controls empty suits of armor she powers with her magic, she seeks to conquer all of reality, every world, dimension, Universe, planet and kingdom. And she thrives off the misery and pain she drudges up, conquering, destroying, cursing and fighting Heroes who try to stop her.

All of her followers are evil beings, villains and antagonists. Misfits and freaks, every vile corner and wretched pit on the face of the universe is where her allies come from...every wicked and disgusting creature you've EVER known call her 'friend.'


Art by :iconteratophelia:

Commission him, he's good.
Freezer Experiment by bbb35
Freezer Experiment
Commission done for me by :iconmusashden: Bless her for doing it, and loving the show too :D

In my Young Justice scenario, her and Booster Gold/Michael Jon Carter have married, and they are the adopted parents of Ed and Sarah from the show 'Ed, Edd and Eddy'

And Vanessa wants Michael to talk to their son about his 'experiments.'


Commission :iconmusashden: She's really good!
Made of Love by BeckHop
I love it all.

The shae of the red, giving garnets body a sorta...galaxy look. Makes her seem like the being Eternity from Marvel. Who is the living Manifestation of every living creature in the universes mind. And Garnet, is the manifestation of those twos love. I mean, she's that ALL the time. They love each other so much, that they did this since I guess Gems don't have marriage.

So, a fusion was the best way they could think of to be together, have a commitment and show their love. Thus, they are literally the HEART of Garnet. And that you've drawn that, this, just makes my heart soar. The imagery, the beauty and emotion in this pic. Leave me breathless :D
The Black Cookbook by bbb35
The Black Cookbook
A very funny little comic my dear friend :iconcarrinth: Drew for me for only 25 dollars. :D

In it her Shepard finds my OC Vanessa Masters, the first human justicar's, little BlackBook. Which lists all the men V, has dated over the years, unfortunately, this is right when Vanessa has fallen in love with Jacob Taylor. Who loves her back, but she's afraid he might not after seeing all the names.

And Kasumi wants to fan the flames because....well, it's her, and she's jelly over V, being with Jacob. Hence, the reference that Jacob sees Vanessa in the morning, cause they spend the night. ;)
I had actually a VERY nice time in my old home-town Bradford. but it went longer than I thought, so I'm back....if people wondere where I was. ^^;


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LJ-Phillips Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional
Big thank you for the points and the lovely notes, my friend :hug: I'll check out the link you sent me this weekend. The piece is of Vanessa and one of her redheads, eh :D ?
bbb35 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yep, Ex-hubby. I understand if you NEVER respond to my notes. I don't mind, but glad you appreciated the points. I don't have the spare money this month, but hopefully others are donating enough money to you for your medical expenses. But next month, I might be able to send you 50 bucks.

yep, Rothbart of swan lake. However, he was abusing the dark arts, which was a bad combination when your a shape-shifter making Rothbart unstable and could trap him permanently in a monster form. So, they split, but they still care for each other, in a casual, "I had sex with this person but we had a child and still connect civilly because of it.". Way

Hope you like it, I waited FIVE MONTHS for that pic, but it was worth it :D
NotSoMajestic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student
Thank you so much for the watch! ♥
bbb35 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Jsut eager to be the first to know if you post GrimxBee art :D
spitfiresdad16 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
So I'm listening to this…  and the whole time I'm just picturing Leatherhead and Michelangelo in tuxedo's performing a ballroom dance! XD
bbb35 Featured By Owner 4 days ago

**************… at 2:48

(Lady Despair summons green spirits that circle toward her, and then outward; destroying whatever they hit.)
Lady Despair: "Specters from beyond the grave, head my bidding, hear my pray, rid of this earnest knave, crush his spirit, beat his bones, ATTACK!!!"

(The spirits then shoot outward like bullets, smashing into near everything, and causing bits of the floor to give way. Leaving big holes in the floor as danger.)
The-Financier Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  New member Professional Artist
Hey there Vanessa, do you remember me? :icontinoplz:
bbb35 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015
Maybe? :?
The-Financier Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  New member Professional Artist
Take a look at my gallery and find out. -3-
bbb35 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015
Ruben, ol bud!! :iconsupertighthugplz:
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