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Location: Hall of Justice. Courtyard Garden. 00:01:39 EST

Two hours had passed by when Persephone found Kaldur by the garden.

"Kaldur'ahm?" She asked as she saw his head resting against a tree with his eyes closed. Kaldur opened his eyes and glanced to towards the goddess.

"How is she?" He asked, worry and concern in his normally measured voice.

"She's alright." Persephone said with a smile that rapidly faded. "She has awaken, however I'm not sure it's a good sign, given her current condition."

Kaldur frowned in confusion. Was it not good that she was awake? That meant she was recovering somehow. But the dark shadows and small frown on Persephone's face told him it wasn't looking good.  

He stood up. "Can I see her?"

"She actually asked to see you."

When they made it to the Marie's room, Kaldur stopped in the door and looked toward Hades, who was sitting near the bed of his daughter.

Sensing the Atlantean's presence, Hades turned to see his eyes to the hero. Aqua lad straightened, fighting the urge to gulp or start sweating at the hard stare. Hades glanced to his spouse for approval. When Persephone smiled, the Hades nodded and allowed him in.

"She should not move around too much."

"Yes, sir," Kaldur replied.

Satisfied, Hades walked out of the room, when Persephone turned around and glanced at Kaldur. "Whatever you have to say, say it before it's too late."

Kaldur looked to her as he turned around. "Thank you."

She nodded her acknowledgment and closed the door, which was enough confirmation for the hero to move to Marie's side. With her eyes closed, Aqua Lad took the chance to study the rhythm of Marie's breathing along with the color and texture of her hair. He desperately wanted to close the distance and listen to the beat he knew would tell him she was still alive. He wanted to stepped in and ease her loneliness, if only for this time. As these thoughts filled his head, he was forced to wonder if she knew how much she had eased his own.

Without any thought, Kaldur moved his hand from Marie's hair to her forehead, his webbed fingers brushing her skin. She was warm, but not the warm he has always felt when they were close to each other.

Hot but gentle enough to not hurt him or the others.

At the cool touch of his fingers, Pyronies slowly opened her eyes and looking tiredly up at him. "Kaldur." Her hand reached up to touch his face as she stared into his eyes. He held her hand, letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, and smiled softly at her.

"I am here." Aqua Lad tentatively pressed his hand against her cheek. "How are you feeling?"

"Awful," she managed to say. Her voice came out hoarse and rough.

She starts to get up straight, breathing deep and a grimace appeared on her face. Kaldur was soon holding her shoulders to make her lean back to the bed.

Kaldur started, "You should not move. Your father said---"

"I know what he said," Pyronies protested. "Hades is my father not the boss of me."

"Would you listen to me then?"

Pyronies stared at him for a few seconds, then smiled a little. "Nah."

His mouth moved, almost like he had fought off a smile, which he hid by fixing the pillows that would ensure Pyronies' comfort. "I figured as much." When he finished with the pillows, Marie leaned back, groaning as she did. "How much do you hurt?"

"I ache all over." Pyronies had to cough to clear her voice. "Is there water?"

Kaldur looked around the room, and found a pitcher of water and a little cup. He poured it hesitantly, then handed it to Marie with a small bendy straw in it. The water was stale, but the cool liquid soothed her parched mouth and throat. The girl had to wonder how long she'd been unconscious. Before she could check the clock to compare, her parents' faces returned to her conscious mind, with more fear and dread than she had ever seen on either of their faces. Her fingers brushed against Kaldur's. Aqua Lad jumped as if it had hurt, but she knew it hadn't.

"Have I spilled water on you?"

"No, just a little in the sheets." A light blush painted his face. It was funny, except for Queen Mera, he had never met a woman who could make him feel so clumsy.

Marie felt the rapid beating beneath her chest and wondered if he could hear it too? Would he hear all the little things she wished him never to hear years back? All the little secrets that scared her to realize she couldn't stop thinking of him. Couldn't stop seeing him. Couldn't stop wanting him. Marie noticed the worry lines and bruises on his face, and frowned.

"God, you look like hell." Marie said out loud.

"I know," Kaldur simply said.

He started to scan her body around, until Kaldur spotted dark lines beneath Marie's undershirt. He spotted a black stain on her right arm and in the back of her left hand. Marie had always been energetic, full of life. Even when she was beaten up, bruised and hurt, she always had a smile fixed permanently set on her face. That life and world-brightening smile was nowhere in sight. At the moment, she just looked tired and in pain, to put it simply, it was just as alien as a large part of the league.

"You too," Kaldur said, and soon he regretted his words.

"I bet I do," she finally sighed.

"Well, you have yet to see Blue Beetle," Kaldur said with a small smile, which soon faded. "I'm sure you'll be back on your feet soon."

"You don't have to lie, Kaldur," she said looking in his eyes. "I know what's going on."

The emerald coloring of Marie's eyes were intense, and they never ceased to both intrigue and frighten him. Kaldur's shoulders tensed while Marie shifted her sight to the end of the bed.

"I have never seen my father so scared," Marie said. Her eyes met his and she swallowed down the fear, the apprehension. She closed her eyes and let out a heavy sigh. "I'm in very deep shit."

Kaldur sat in the bed next to her. He could have sit on the chair, but he needed to be close. "But you're awake," he responded. "Why?"

"My soul is trying to reach my body."

Kaldur looked at her hopefully. "That is good, is it not?"

"Not if it is struggling between this plane and the other," Marie replied. "It's sickening my body."

"Then we can help you bring it here," Kaldur said. "Vanessa and your parents can work on something..."

"No, Kaldur." Marie stopped him. "Neither of them can do anything about it. Neither of them can get near that witch's domain. This is beyond everything you guys had faced. I'm smart enough to know a dead end when I see it."

She lifted a slender hand in front of her and stared at the black stains slowly covering her skin. She fought the hopelessness that threatened to consume her. "It's funny, you know?" Marie suddenly says. "I died once by choice. I left the people I cared and love to protect them. It's what brought me here, to Earth. Back then, I was never afraid of dying."

Then Kaldur notice her hand trembling, and her eyes filled with sadness and dwelling. "Now I'm terrified." She finished.

Kaldur didn't think anything could scare Marie. But then again, he didn't think anything could hurt her either. And hadn't he proved that one wrong time and again? Kaldur leaned forward and took her lifted hand in his, making Marie look at him. Kaldur's jaw clenched tightly.

"You won't die." Not you too, he left unsaid. "I won't let you." When Marie narrowed her eyes, Kaldur swallowed, trying to soften his features, and glanced at her. "We will find a way," he reassured her.

Marie stared into his pale green eyes. She swallowed her breath, her eyes softening as she gazed into his, suddenly realizing how hard it was not to take his face into her hands and whisper across his skin how much that meant to her. How much she knew that somehow, she had always known, always known he was there. But she didn't.
And before she could stop it, the words spitted out of her mouth. "I love you." Kaldur's eyes became saucers at her words while his brain abandoned all other functions to compute what she had just said. Not wanting for his heart to be playing with his ears.

Though, he had been told this by others, the power behind those words coming from Marie went straight to his heart.

The weight of the silence made recent three words sink in as they looked at each other. After either a second or an eternity, Kaldur found his voice. "Marie…"

She became suddenly aware of her hand still in his, the feel of his warmth beneath his shirt. She pulled her hand back.
But suddenly, Kaldur had her by the wrists, his grip tight on her skin and she was surprised to find his gaze hard on hers. She pulled in a sharp breath.
"I don't expect you to tell me anything. I just…" Marie began hesitantly, turning her head and staring at her hands. "With all that happened with Tula… well, love is not easily forgotten."

His thumb moved along her skin and grazed her pulse point; the motion intimate in a way that had Marie's breathing quickening. "No, it's not," he said softly as he entwined their fingers. best he could with his webbing.

"But there was a time when I stopped feeling that kind of love for her. I just stopped. I'm not entirely sure when it happened, but it did. And things changed, maybe for the better."

"What stopped you?" She asked as her eyes narrowed and stared into his.

"Falling in love with you," he gave her a reassuring smile and tightened the grip on her hands.

Marie frowns, shakes her head a little, but it's enough to make her head explode in pain. She wasn't alone in this? "Why…why didn't you tell me?"

Kaldur looked at their hands. "I was conflicted. Part of me did not want to let go Tula, but I…I was afraid to lose you, too. My heart was divided and…I was not sure how to endeavor."

Marie blinked at him. She sucked in a shaky breath in realization; they don't have time. And for the first time in her life, she felt regret. That they have waited so long to trust themselves with this. And they couldn't share this with one another until now. "I am sorry I did not tell you sooner," Kaldur looked back at her.

Marie tilted her head and smiled tenderly at him. "Me too."

There was something in Kaldur's chest that constricted harshly at her words. That smiling face. He understood that smile. It was not for her sake. It's for other people's. For him.

No! She was not saying goodbye!

He stood from his side and hugged her. He felt Marie wrap her arms around his waist as she rested her head against his chest.

Relief crossed her chest as she listened to the comforting sound of Kaldur's beating heart.

She breathed against him. "I thought I was the only one feeling this."

She felt him drop his head against her head, heard him expel a relieved breath.

"You are not the only one." He admitted. Her emotions clouded her senses and the need to hold him closer overwhelmed her. Without hesitation, she roamed her hands to Kaldur's back tightly, pressing him closer to her. At feeling Marie's hands wander, Kaldur nuzzled his nose on top of her hair. The smell of her strawberry shampoo mixed with her faint natural scent drove him crazy. There was too much space, too much air between them. He wanted to feel nothing but her. He wanted her hands beneath the material of his shirt and feel at the warm skin of her fingers.

They fixed their heads to look at each other.
He licked his lips as his eyes shot down to look at her trembling mouth. His breath hitched, his dark stare becoming hooded as he looked back to her wide eyes. Her face was flushed, the warmth of his breath easing her limbs into surrender and she found herself leaning into his body. Kaldur moved his lips against hers. A burning heat warmed his body. It was slow, warm, enticing pressure on all the right parts—fireworks.

But the moment was ruined when Marie began to cough and wheeze badly, a large black mark forming over half of her face. Kaldur was startled, as Persephone and Hades entered the room to help calm their daughter down and relieve her of some of the pain. But Kaldur couldn't stand to see her jerking and spasming in pain, and soon rushed out of the room. He ran past Jaime, Artemis, Bart and the others, who barely hesitated to chase after their mutual friend. When they caught up, they found Kaldur using his Aqua mace and hammer against the crack Utakasane used escaped.

"Come out!! COME OUT, YOU COWARD AND FACE ME!!" Kaldur screamed. "I! SAID! FACE! ME!"

"Amigo, stop!" Jaime rushed over with Artemis.

"Kaldur, calm down!" Artemis shouted as they grabbed Kaldur's arms and restrained him.

"There's no point in doing that!" Conner told his friend as he, Bart, Megan and Vanessa ran up.

"THEN WHAT SHOULD I DO!?" Kaldur broke free and turned to them, the tears pouring out of his eyes.

"What should I do?" Kaldur whispered in anguish.

He dropped his water-bearers, the sword splashing against the ground as water, before Kaldur fell to his knees as well.

"What do we do?" Kaldur wept.

Artemis rushed to Kaldur's side, and wrapped her arms around him, letting him rest his head against her shoulder.

"Just let it out, Kal." Artemis said in a soothing tone, thou her voice was wet with sadness as well.

"I can't stand it....." Bart bit his lip, trying to hold back his own sob

Everyone was miserable, and it seemed hopeless. But as they wallowed in their sadness, Shayera flew up to them. Having heard they left the Justice Hall, she went out to find them.

"Kids!" Shayera called out as she flew toward them, but stopped and landed on her feet when a figure cut into her path.

It was a scraggy boy with long, thin limbs, a thin neck and an angular face. He had black hair in a mop-top style with V-shaped bangs and devil-horns rising over the ears to point slightly above the top of his head. Along with his pointed crown, these devil horns gives him a distinctive three-pointed silhouette. He his eyebrows were arched and sideburns tapered to a point. He also had long, sharp, black fingernails.

His clothes were formal, and predominantly black but included a white shirt with a tall, stiff collar. On top of this, he wore a black skinny tie, black skinny trousers and pointed shoes, as well as a distinctive jacket. The jacket resembled a standard suit jacket around the chest and shoulders, although it's long sleeves were flared, with pointed cuffs, and the jacket's skirt made it the middle of his thigh length shaped so that it comes to a point at the front. The jacket fastened with two short button straps around the waist. It was Klarion, a Dark Lord of Chaos, and the son of Vanessa The Dark Spectre Queen and Nabu the Lord Of Order.

"Well, well, looks like we missed the party," Klarion cackled as he stroked the head of the orange furred, red eyed cat he held in his arms.

"Meeow" The cat meowed.

"Klarion!" Vanessa gasped in surprise.

"What are you doing here, Chaos Lord?" Shayera held up her mace in warning.

The cat, Klarion's familiar Teekl, arched her back and hissed at the Thanagarian. Klarion just smirked in amused manner.

"Someones feathers are ruffled." Klarion mocked.

"That's enough, Klarion." Vanessa snaps, standing up and walking over to her son with a frown. "You caught us at a real bad time. I hope you understand if they're all too tense to pretend to accept your presence, just because you're my son."

"Ow. That hurts." Klarion puts a hand over his heart. "That hits me right in the heart, Mama."

"Heart, Klarion?" Vanessa throws her head back to let out a grim laugh. "You have no heart." She points to her sons chest with a frown, earning a startled reaction from Klarion, who leans back in slight offense.

"Mrrrow." Teekl meows.

"Yeah, she certainly has gotten bossier. Must mean she has a thing for someone, but they don't even notice her," Klarion replied to his familiar.

"AAH!!" Klarion let out a high pitched sound as Vanessa grabbed his ear, and let a purple glow envelop her fingers, obviously causing Klarion great distress.

"Why is it, Baby-Boy. That whenever your around, it's never for a good reason?" Vanessa hissed. "Also, I didn't appreciate that little crack you just made."

Klarion dropped Teekl to the ground, who hissed as her master tried to free himself of his mothers powerful grasp.

"Leave him be, Vanessa." Kaldur called out. He stumbled to his feet, helped by Jaime and Artemis.

"He must have a reason, let's at least hear him out before you banish him to some god-forsaken place." Kaldur said.

Vanessa gave Kaldur a side glance, but sighed and released her son's ear, who rubbed it with a pout.

"Alright. So, you've obviously heard the un-crash news." Bart said to Klarion, crossing his arms with a frown.

"Oh yeah, it's all over the evil grapevine." Klarion sneered. "How Lady Despairs demon servant Utakasane has stolen Pyronies soul, and now you losers can't even get into her domain to destroy him."

"WATCH YOUR TONE, KLARION!!" Vanessa shouts, her voice deepened into a un-earthly, supernatural tone. "I am in no mood for your taunts."

"Sorry, Mama." Klarion straighted up at hearing her voice.

"But really, you Justice Leaguers don't need to worry. There's a way for humans to get into Castle Horok." Klarion said as Teekl rubbed up against his legs.

"What are you on about, only the Muerto can enter her realm." Jaime rebuked Klarion's thinking.

"Or those who've entered into her services." Artemis added.

"True.." Klarion nodded with a evil smirk, he opened his eyes to reveal they'd become solid red little beads.

"But a body without a soul is no better than a dead man."

Klarion's words had everyone stiffening in alarm, no one more than Vanessa, standing next to the Chaos Lord.

"What are you saying?" Kaldur asked. Klarion waved his hand in bored manner, picking Teekl up to scratch under her chin.

"Just what I said....if you want to get to the Demon to destroy him and free the others, just sell your soul. I'm sure there's some evil force that'd be willing to take it off your hands." Klarion smiled wickedly. "And then you can enter her home no problem."

Vanessa frowned and moved over to stand next to Shayera, who'd moved over to the others at hearing Klarions crazy statement.

"Klarion, you honestly think one of us is gonna sell our soul to enter Castle Horok?" She asked her son incredulously.

"Well, not you, Mama." Klarion smiled at her in what they supposed was a loving manner. "You've already done that once, don't wanna do that again."

"Klarion..." Vanessa growled, the ground rumbled briefly.

Everyone startled, and even Klarion widened his eyes, realizing he overstepped a line.

"Sorry...." Klarion frowned in apology. "But it IS the only way for a human, or goodie-goodie to ever get in there. And you know the old saying, 'Desperate Times call for desperate measure.'" Klarion gestures to the crack in the pillar.

"And isn't this a desperate time?" Klarion asked of his mother, and the others.

They all looked worried, and a tad thoughtful. But Vanessa just crossed her arms and gazed at her son with a unimpressed and blank expression. Klarion was a little unnerved, but huffed and threw a hand up in the air, the other holding onto Teekl.

"Fine!" Klarion sighed. "I was just trying to help, sorry if my suggestion was the ONLY suggestion and the only way to help you guys. See, this is why I'm not a hero." Klarion gets a mean smirk. "Among other reasons."

He cackled as a red mist enveloped his body and he disappears.

They all stood there silent.

"Is it possible?" Kaldur asked.

Vanessa whirled around to stare at Kaldur incredulously. So did the others, mouths agape.

"Kaldur, no!"



"Kaldur, you can't mean that."

"It's too much!!"

"If it means saving Marie..." Kaldur continues, but is startled when Vanessa appears by his side.

She puts her hands on his shoulders, and smiles at him.

"Maybe it's time I tell you my secret plan." Vanessa told them.

"Secret Plan?" They all said as one.

"Well, I wasn't sure if it would work, but seeing as we have little time left, I guess we better act now before it's too late." Vanessa said.

They all looked at each other in confusion, but ready to help in whatever way they could, Kaldur especially, if it meant saving Marie.

"Okay, what is it?" Shayera asked the sorceress.

"Well, I might have a way to drag that Ayakashi out of Sierra's domain." Vanessa explained, holding up a hand for silence. When everyone seemed fit to be tied, and barrage her with endless questions.

"HOWEVER, it will require a lot of energy." She informed them. "You guys think your all up to spare some?"

They all immediately nod as one.

Vanessa smiles. "Then let us begin."

She holds out her hands to the others, her eye glow bright purple as everyones aura seems to glow and radiate off each other.


Location: Castle Horok. Viewing Balcony. 06:00:25 EST

Utakasane had retired to the balcony, set on the middle 'tower' of the hand like Castle, and used it's enchantment to watch the surface of the Earth. He was alone on the balcony, as everyone else was sleeping off a hangover.

"It won't be long now," His voices said in stereo. "Lamentation and suffering will reach their climax."

All of his mouths curled into a wicked smile, but dropped into a frown as a violet light seemed to glow around him.

On his body, on one of his orbs was a purple heart with a Darker, Neon purple cursive 'V' in the center of the heart.



Earth. Location: Outside of crack-gateway. 06:00:22 EST

Conner had shown up with Icon, and at their arrival Vanessa had given everyone a sip of a powerful potion, that would, even if there was only a spark of life left in you, would completely revive and heal you.

Now, everyone had their hands stretched out to the Dark Spectre Queen of the Galaxy, channeling their life-energy to the sorceress who began chanting rapidly. As they did, the gang pressed forward, concentrating hard on expelling their energy out into the sorceress, who waved her hands faster and faster.

"More! I need more life-force, or the spell won't work!!" Vanessa telepathically told the group as she chanted harder.

And that was enough conviction for them all, they all seemed to explode into a super-nova of fiery aura, Kaldur's burning the brightest. Like a golden sun, as his tattoos seemed to move about on their own. The chanting grew in volume and tempo, until one massive white light shot from the team and at Vanessa. The Sorceress absorbed it and she let out a loud sigh.

"KIKERA!!!!" She screamed as red lighting shot out of her mouth, and straight into the crack in the pillar, causing the group to jump to the side in alarm.

In Castle Horok, Utakasane let out a yell of horrified amazement as he felt a force grab him, and he was immediately hit by the red lighting, which forced him out through the crack.

"AAAH!!" Utaksane screamed as he was pulled straight towards Vanessa, who formed a giant glowing hand and slapped him aside. Crashing against another pillar, the Ayakashi groaned in pain as he rolled on the ground.

"What is this..." Utakasane gasped in shock and pain.

"It was a summoning spell."

Utaksane turned hearing the voice of the Dark Spectre Queen, and was startled seeing the angry group of young heroes, and two adults. Kaldur being the one to shine the largest killing intent toward the Demon, his water-swords produced and tattoos crackling with magic.

Conner cracked his knuckles, Bart vibrated with energy, Jaime had his energy blaster formed on his right hand, his energy sword on the other, Megan floated with her eyes glowing with Psychic power, Artemis had her weapons out, as did Shayera. Icon had his arms crossed with a solemn stare, and Vanessa just let loose a mad cackle.

"Just what did you guys...." Utakasane began. "Why am I."

"Actually," Interrupted Vanessa. She was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "I had cast a spell on you earlier in our fight, when I cut you with my dagger, I had actually carved a spell-glyph onto your body."

Utakasane flashbacks to the fight, and when she had struck one of his balls, as he had split his body into pieces.

"This spell enables me to call forth any being of my choosing." She said.

Utakasane gasped in horror, grasping onto the part of his body with the Glyph.

"So, knowing we couldn't go to YOU." She chuckled.

"We just had to bring you to us." Kaldur continued for her.

"But it required a lot of energy," Conner added.

"So, we all had to chip in..." Bart said too.

"Because Despair's Castle interferes with such spells." Artemis chimed.

"But once we all poured in our own energy and life-force." Jaimed said.

Shayera tapped her mace in her hand menacingly. "We were able to drag you out on your butt."

"No!! No!!" Utakasane's voices cried out in alarm. "This can't be!!"

"Yes, it can." Artemis steps forward. "All this time, I was focused on Marie, but then I thought..what about the others?"

"The other 59 people who's lives you uprooted, and the suffering of them and their family." Shayera declared, swinging her mace in agitation.

"We refuse to let anyone feel the pain we've felt." Blue Beetle boldly declares.

"And we will ensure, you do not do so again!" Kaldur charged forward at the Demon. "This is the reason for why we fight!"

"Uuh!" Utakasane yelps in alarm.


Kaldur yells as he slashed down at Utakasane with a powerful water-electric attack.

"HUNDRED BODY SPLIT!!" Utakasane shouted, but nothing happened.

Nothing, except that his body got hit by Kaldur's powerful and skillful sword strikes. The Demon fell backwards, a smoking, sparking mess from the attack.

"Why!? Why can't I do the Hundred Body Split!" Utakasane's voices wailed in pain and confusion.

"Don't be such a fool!" Vanessa scolded, her eyes glowing purple as she flew up into the air. Forming a purple energy orb in each hand, she unleashed them on the demon, the explosions causing the ground to burst under the demon. Who found himself in a large crater.

"You didn't think The Dark Spectre Queen would summon you only to allow you to split do you?" Shayera hollered, slamming her mace into the Demon. It was sent flying backwards into a wall, leaving a large imprint of his body as he fell to the ground.

Suddenly, Kid Flash began to speed around Utakasane rapidly, causing a mini-tornado to form. Which left him dizzy, and open to several energy blasts from Blue Beetle.

"So, she made sure the Glyph on your body would also make sure you couldn't burst your body into pieces." Jaime said.

The purple heart glowed brightly at the mention of it.

"It can't be!" Utakasane growled in fury.

"Prepare to face defeat!" Icon boldly stated.

"LIKE HELL I WILL!!" Utakasane yelled in fear, he turned and instantly leaps into the air. Such a far jump would enable him to go to the top of a skyscraper, and jump to another.

Artemis and Vanessa quickly ran forward.

"You won't escape this time!" Artemis shouted, she pulled out her bow, notching a arrow which Vanessa immediately charged with purple energy.

"TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE!" Vanessa shouts. "V-Arrows!"

Artemis let the arrow fly, and it multiplied into several arrows, which struck hard against the Ayakashi. They exploded and Utakasane fell back down to the ground.

Kaldur charged forward at Utakasane and dive foward with his water-bearers combined into a long, sharp water spear. Which impaled the Demon right through it's gut.

"AAAUGH!!!" Utakasane bellows in agony.

"And here's the final attack!" Kaldur yells, and actually lifted Utakasane over his head with sheer force of will and his water spear.

The demon goes flying over Kaldur, and heads straight for Jaime who's got his double energy hand blades formed.

"Time to split, Dip!" Jaime insulted as he cut straight through Utakasane.


Utakasane screamed as he was cleaved in two, and when the two parts landed on the ground, exploded in a large burst of flames.

"We did it!" Bart zips over to Kaldur and Jaime. "The first life is crushed!!"

"We really pulverized that guy this time....but how do we handle his second life without Marie?" Artemis asked Vanessa.

She referred to of course, to the fact that all Ayakashi have two lives. The first life is human sized, but the second one is a huge giant form.

Which was clearly shown as another explosion formed, but with pink and black flames, symbolizing the connection to Lady Despair. As Utakasane towered over the young heroes, his massive form intimidating as all of his voices bellowed at them from above.

"UNFORGIVABLE! I CANNOT FORGIVE YOU MORTALS!!" The voices of the giant demon pounding against them all like fists.

"What are we gonna do now?" Kaldur wonders.

But then he notices Megan has her eyes shut and is focusing intently.

"Megan, what are...." Kaldur asks.

She opens her eyes and smiles brightly.

"I just thought I'd send a message to Hades and Persephone, to let them know what's happened."

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise.

But the one really surprised was Utakasane as a powerful force struck him from behind.

"What the!?" Utakasane stumbles and turned in surprise.

There standing in front of him, equal of height, but outranking him in power.

For there was the King and Queen of the Underworld, Lord Hades decked out in his war armor, and his helmet on, covering his whole head. Only his yellow eyes seen, glowing from the shadows of his helmet. He wielded duel hook-ended chain-blades with a set of spiked chains with two hooks glowing purple at the end of each.

Next was Persephone, don up in heavy battle armor, with four wings, black, but the ends were dyed green. She too wore a helmet, thou her face could be seen within it.

"You will face judgment for what you have done, Scum!" Hades growls in a demonic voice.

"We will destroy you and release our daughters soul, and all the other souls you have wrongfully claimed!" Persephone adds, her voice echoing.

Utakasane let out twin purple energy beams from two mouths over his eyes at the gods, but Persephone stomped her foot to levitate a platform of earth to block the attack. She then sends it flying at Utakasane, who is knocked back several feet by the large chunk of rock.

She flies up into the air and fires a large green energy ball at the demon, who didn't manage to block the attack, which injured him greatly. She swooped down to deliver several strikes to him with her glowing green fists, over and over she dived bombed him.

"Aggh!" Utakasane stumbles from pain, even thou he held up his sword in defense, it was easily blasted out of his hand by a beam shot by Persephone.

She then finally grabbed both of his arms, and flew up high into the sky with the demon, before sending him careening back down to the earth.

The demon struggled to his feet out of the large crater his fall made from impact.

"Wow!! Now that's a mama bear!" Bart exclaims in amazement.

"Marie's mom sure is amazing!" Artemis said in agreement.

"Wretched hag!" Utakasane fumed. "Onanashi Company! Come forth!"

The loud order shouted from the Ayakashi summoned the Onanashi Company, a race of demon grunts that served more powerful demons like the Ayakashi, or Lady Despair. But unlike their cousins, the Nanashi Company. They were born giant sized, and slipped out through the gaps between buildings.

They were beastly, face less creatures, and over 500 of them had appeared after being called, with each one wielding a bident.

"Hahaha. Ah, My beloved." Hades said to his wife, when she landed next to him. "I haven't had this much fun in centuries, how about you?"

She took his hand in both her hands and kissed the back of his hand lovingly.

"It is entertaining, My love. But we are on a time limit."She reminds, as her hands glow.

"Yes, I'd nearly forgotten." He pulls out 'The Claws of hades' and begins swinging them in a loop.

"Face the wrath of a mother, foul sanzu-river trash!" Persephone shouted as she raised her glowing hands up in the air.

At that, large glowing spots formed under the Onananshi, and erupted upwards into huge pillars of green energy. This decimated all 500 of the Onananshi. And that left only Utakasane.

"Time for you to relinquish those souls, Fiend!" Hades growled.

"Uh-Oh." Utakasane gasped.

Hades proceeded to unleash his Claws, which go flying at Utakasane and hook right into the Ayakashi. And Hades proceeded to tug on it, Persephone assisting in the tugging.

But instead of his body, Utakasane found a spectral version of himself being yanked out of himself, as well as the 60 souls he'd devoured. To his horror, he realized he was having his second life ripped out of his body.

"NO! NO!! CUT IT OUT!!" He pleaded in desperation.

"We're trying to, you fool!" Persephone scolds.

She then tugs on the end of the Claws, and began to spin rapidly in place, which caused the Claws to rip right out his spirit. The Souls all came out in the form of gold orbs. They scattered about in the sky as they sought out their respective owners.

"NOOOOOO!!!" Utakasane cried out his last breathe as he fell to the ground and exploded.

In the hospital where all but one of the victims had been put, everyone began to weep with joy as the orbs went to their respective vessel and all the people woke up. Startled, and confused as their loved ones hugged them overjoyed.

Earth. Location: Hall of Justice. 9:55:60 EST

Marie was being lead down the hall by her father Hades. She was holding onto his arm as he insisted on her leaning on him for support, thou it'd been over 15 hours since she'd recovered from getting her soul back. And even thou she'd gotten a clear bill of health, Marie found everyone acting oddly.

"Father, what is it. I'm okay now." Marie told her father.

"I know. Just follow me." Hades told her gently.

He then turned her around a corner and a explosion of multi-colored string and confetti flew over her and Hades.


She was floored, everyone was here, or everyone who was still on Earth and free. Shayera, Icon, Red Tornadoe, Carter, Jaime, Bart, Megan, Garfield, Karen, Mal, Conner, Vanessa, Plastic Man and so many others.

Marie was floored as everyone cheered, and proceeded to bring her to the main table, where there was a big cake with her name on it, literally. And so many foods, snacks, and gifts as well.

"I don't believe this..." Marie gasped, truly moved. "You all set this up, even thou I just made you worry?"

"Nonsense!" Vanessa huffed as she carried over some presents. "We were planning this for you a while before it."

"Did you really have no clue?" Garfield had jumped onto her shoulders.

She laughed and spun around to grab and tickle him playfully.

"No I did not!" She growled playfully, as Garfield laughed his head off.

"We have even more of a reason to celebrate this birthday," Megan said in a slightly solemn tone.

"Yes, you manage to survive having your soul taken," Plastic Man added. He wrapped his one arm around her several times in a one armed hug.

"That makes this twice as special." He finished.

Marie smiles, tears starting to form in her eyes, and she laughs as Megan levitates a box of Kleenex over for her to wipe her eyes with.

"We made sure to get a few hundred boxes of these things," Mal said as he walked up with Karen, who pulled Marie into a super tight hug. Them not hearing about her near-death until they'd come back from a mission in Asia.

"It's gonna a very teary birthday, Girl." Karen laughed with a sob. Very much overwhelmed.

Marie hugged back too, happy to be surrounded by her friends, her parents watched from a bit away, holding onto to each other in relief their daughter was alright. And all the while, a familiar pair of sea-green eyes watched over Marie.

The party went on till almost midnight, and she opted to head out into the courtyard to get a breather.

There she found Kaldur, leaning against a tree and sipping a drink.

"I wondered if I would find you out here," Marie smiled as she strolled toward Kaldur.

The atlantean remained at his spot, thou he stood up straight and waited for her to get closer before smiling warmly.

"I am glad to see you well, Marie." Kaldur said.

"Me too. It got rough there, and I won't lie and say I wasn't utterly flabbergasted when my soul actually returned to me." Marie said with a light chuckle, crossing her arms with a jangle once she got close enough to Kaldur.

"And you are feeling well?" Kaldur asked.

"Yes, surprisingly, considering I had my very essence ripped out of me." Marie said. "But as a Demi-goddess, you tend to leap back quickly from these sort of things."

She was startled when Kaldur took both her hands in his own, and let his thumbs rub the back of her hands. She gazed into his eyes which stared deeply into her own, and a very loving smile crossed his features.

"I am glad. And...I wondered, if you were feeling up to it. Might I ask..." Kaldur paused. Marie looked at him, nudging her chin toward him in encouraging manner.

"If...I may inquire, if you truly meant what you confessed when you laid in bed." Kaldur looked at her so softly and vulnerable.

"What I said in bed?" She gave him a coy smile, because of his wording.

Kaldur blushes madly. "That is not what I meant!"

Marie giggled.

"I know, Kaldur." She said with a bright smile. That smile made Kaldur feel incredibly happy, cause he nearly lost that smile and vowed then and there to make her smile more.

"Well, if what you said was true, and you feel the same..." His eyes became hooded and Marie looked up at Kaldur in anticipation.

"Then, would you consider..." Kaldur leaned forward as if to kiss her.

"What's going on?" A voice whispered harshly.

The sound of bushes shaking caught the twos attention.

"Hush! They'll hear us!" Another voice shushed the other.

"Move over!" Another voice, female griped. "And Shayera, get your big wings out of the way, I can't see a thing!"

"Nothings even happening!" Growled a male voice. "And now their looking our way now..."

And with a sigh, Marie pulls back from a amused Kaldur, as she conjures a fireball and throws it toward the shaking bushes.

"GAAAAH!" Vanessa leaps out of the bush with Garfield, Karen, Conner, Shayera and Vanessa hoped out.

The sorceress pointed her finger at the fireball to let out a jet of water to put of the flame ball.

"Ahem! Can we help you?" Kaldur asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"uh...Well.." Vanessa poofed up a fan to hide her face from behind.

"It's just that...well...." Garfield looks awkward, twisting his tail awkwardly.

"We were just making sure Marie was okay," Shayera said flustered.

"I thought we came to snoop and see if Kaldur asked her out on a date?" Conner said bluntly.

At that Karen and Vanessa turned to scold him, mortified he'd said it out loud. Vanessa smacking him with her fan, which being magic smarted. And as the group quickly departed, mostly cause Karen and Vanessa chased Conner in outrage over his blabbing.

Kaldur chuckled as Marie suddenly leaned up to press her lips to his. Kaldur's eyes widened in amazement.

"So, maybe this Saturday we can check out the new Aquarium?" Marie asked as she impishly skipped away.

"uh...yes..." Kaldur watched as she walked away.

"Well, I gotta go spend more time with Mama and Papa before they leave, Good Night Kaldur." She cheerfully called as she headed back inside.

"It certainly is..." Kaldur sighed happily looking up at the moon.

After Party Dance by EyeOfTheDragonCrew
Oh this is spectacular!!

I love the sorta watery feel of the floor, the melding of purple and blue. Blue being such a emotional color and purple. Well, we know Moordryd thinks of himself as royalty. And yet, here he is slowly, sweetly, dancing with a girl who might be called 'Peasant' And the expression of his face, so sweet and emotional. I'm in love, seriously, seeing this side of Moordryd. I love it!!

This is beyond a doubt, my fave pic done by you so far, and you've got some stellar work here. But really, I don't know what you used to draw this, but the effect is moving ^_^
Moordryd Redraw! by EyeOfTheDragonCrew
This is very well drawn. And I love the shade, the background and the overall feel of the pic. I mean, we know Moordryd is a sorta bad boy, hanging out with the rough crowd. And the alleyway symbolizes that, and I love seeing him in the modern gear too.

The dragon booster poster on the wall was a nice touch.

And his expression, sorta out of touch, like he couldn't care less where he is or where he's going. That sorta dispassionate look very well suits moodryd.

I applaud you. Very original work, and we definitely need more art of him. His character has a lot of depth that needs to be explored.
:iconanodizedpink: Since we've all been there, and she's got some lovely art. Maybe some of you can spread the word, and see if you, or others would be willing to commission her?
Castle Horok stood ominously as the silence and darkness of space surrounded it. But there was ONE sound, the sound of footsteps and a voice calling out to the Earth. It turned out to be Lady Despair, real name Sierra, shown to be wearing a red dress and black collar. The dress straps reached up and around her neck, the hem ending at her knees. Her black heels clicked as she walked along the railing of her balcony.

"Saleen! Saleen, it's time to awaken!" She smiles, waving out to the planet. "My Dear, Saleen.....It's Time To Awaken!!" Thunder boomed and Blue Lighting shoots out and downward to the Earth, lighting up her sinister smiling face. The lightning traveled down and down, until it shot into the Ocean zapping into a sea-cave which lit up from the touchdown.

"TIME TO WAKE UP, SALEEN!!" Sierra's voice echoed down from the sky.

The winds surged at the sound of Lady Despairs Voice, causing the waves to roll high. The clouds forming over the water blocked out much of the light and gave off an air of fear, which was amplified as a small, almost unnoticeable rumbling shook the ground. The rumbling only grew in intensity, until a large red-orange coral boulder burst onto the shore. On it rested several different marine animals, including a purple octopus, seaweed, and even a few urchins. It crushed a starfish as it rotated to look up at the sky.

"Oh, Saleen! The time for DaiZyuJin's fall draws near! NOW GO FORTH!"

On the command, the Boulder of Coral rolls on across the beach, soon rolling on through the town set near the Beach. It rolled up the steps onto the middle of the empty street before stopping to turn around, its center collapsed then if it was breathing!!

The Female Undine Commander!!


In a local park, Danny Phantom, also known as the Tyranno Ranger, but now in his human form of Danny Fenton wanders in a despondent funk. Less than a week ago, "Dan Phantom" had been freed from his imprisonment inside of a Fenton-Thermos guarded by Clockwork, the Ghost of Time. It had been done by the Triplets, Huey, Duey and Louie. Their lives had been inadvertently saved by Danny's alternate timeline self, and felt it only fair they steal his thermos and release him

Dan's existence was Danny's secret shame, and represented everything he was afraid he'd become. Danny was orphaned when his friends and family were killed in an explosion, and taken by Vlad Master's, a fellow human-ghost hybrid and a former nemesis of Danny's. The younger halfa begged to be free of the emotions that plagued his human half, which Vlad obliged. But what neither of the two former enemies were expecting was Phantom tearing Masters from Plasmius and overshadowing the ghost, resulting in a powerful ghost that ended countless existences, including that of the only remaining Fenton. The future would have ended that way if Clockwork wouldn't have intervened. But since he did, his family was still alive and no human other than himself knew of the alternate reality.


Danny was jostled out of his thoughts when he heard a shout and a crash, he rushed over a ways and saw a young blonde haired boy with a green sleeveless hoodie, with a light green t-shirt underneath and brown shorts. The kid wore a large green hat on his head with round ornamental blue sphere on the front. Except, the hat was half off as he had been shoved off his bike by some bullies.

"Knock it off!!" The little boy yelled. The one bully was holding him down as the other two kicked his bicycle.

"Stuck up little Jerk!" The bully holding him sneered. "Think your hot stuff with your new bike." Danny was about to rush to the child's aid, when someone cut him to the chase.

"CUT IT OUT!!" A Older boy rushed forward and jerked the bully off the kid. Danny couldn't help but notice the similarities, with both possessing blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, though, the older one had his done in spikes. The older one wore a sleeveless high collared shirt and brown gloves. "Lay off my kid Brother!"

The one bully walked up to the older boy and grabbed him by the front of his shirt.

"Shaddup!" Snapped the Bully.


The boy curled his gloved hand and punched the bully in the side of his face. A large bruise slowly welling up, this of course intimidated the other bullies.

"Let's get out of here!!" They cried running off, leaving the first bully to escape by himself.

The older boy turned and kneels to place his hands on the younger boy's shoulders, to dust him off and comfort him.

"Those Bullies are Such Jerks" The boy scoffed, patting his little brother.

"Big Brother!" The little boy cried, wrapping his arms around his brother's neck. The Elder reached up and patted the back of the younger one's head.

"Easy. Easy, don't cry." The spike haired boy pulled back to face him. "The next time they bully you, come to me and I'll beat them up!"

"Okay...." The boy said softly. His big brother smiled softly at him, patting him on the cheek.

"You're Okay, right?" He asked. "They didn't hurt you?"

"I'm okay." The boy said, attempting to puff up his chest in manly, brave manner, resulting in a lighthearted chuckle from his brother.

"Well, that's good to hear." The older bro said as he righted the bike. "So, let's head on home, little bro."

The kindness and love between the two made Danny slightly envious. He only had a older sister and he barely saw her nowadays. The only thing vaguely close to an Older Brother was Phantom...and their last meeting involved him trying to Slice and Dice him with a Sword! But still...Danny felt responsible for Phantom, since it was his selfish actions, regardless of them being in a Alternate Universe, that had caused his creation. And obviously, Dan Phantom never had a easy life afterwards. So, Danny tried to offer a hand in friendship, hoping to ease Phantom's pain and become friends, maybe even brothers. But that only got him savagely attacked by Dan Phantom.

"Hey, Big Brother can we stop and look at the eggs we pulled from the Ocean first?" The little brother asked.

"Okay." The older brother said.

That got Danny's attention real quick. 'Eggs from the Ocean?' He started to close the distance, but stopped when he heard Ben calling out to him from behind.

"Danny!" Ben Tennyson, Juniper Lee, Raphael Hamato the Ninja Turtle and Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler the mutant, rushed over to him.

"Danny, we just spoke to one of the locals. Apparently, a pair of young kid fished a chest with two eggs in it out of the sea a few days ago!" Ben told him.

"What's that?" Danny asked confused.

"It's gotta be the Dinosaur Eggs!" Raphael told Danny point blank. "They must have made it ALL the way here from Delos."

Eons ago the Five Leaders of the Ancient Tribes made a horrifying discovery. Before being sealed away Lady Despair performed a ceremony that summoned a massive asteroid to strike the Earth. The ancients understood they were doomed, but thought of a way to preserve their species. The leaders sealed two Dinosaur eggs in a magically protected chest and set it adrift into the Ocean.

Lady Despair and Zyuranger stumbled upon them and began a fierce battle for possession of the eggs. According to Cosmic Law, the last Two of ANY species would be protected by the Magic of Immortality. But until they hatch they are vulnerable to any manipulation, namely Lady Despair. But after a confrontation between Despair and Zyuranger, the eggs inadvertently fell back into the Ocean and thus our story bring us to this moment.

"Wait...THOSE BOYS!!" Danny quickly runs off.

"Danny! Danny!" The Gang surprised ran after him.

"You two!" Danny called out, walking to the boys. "You mentioned something about eggs, before?"

"Yeah..." The older brother replied. A little wary of this group of strangers.

"It's just...those may be the eggs we've been looking for. Do you think we could take a look at them?" Ben smiled reassuringly a the boys.

Unbeknown to them, the large Coral Boulder was in the bushes behind them, listening to them as various hermit crabs crawled across it.

"No Way! Finders Keepers!" The younger brother frowned. Upset these teenagers might take the Eggs from him and his brother.

"Please. These Eggs are really important to us!" Juniper Lee pleaded, bending down to look the bullied kid in the face, who only pouted in response.

"Come on, T.K. If the eggs belong to these people, it would be wrong for us to keep them." The older chided his little brother. "It sounds okay to me. Come on, follow me."

Matt waved to the Zyurangers, rolling his brother's bike as the other followed.

"Thank you, Boy. It means a lot to us." Danny thanked them.

"Oh, sorry, my name is Matt Ishida. And this is my brother T.K." Matt answered.

"Ahh." Danny nodded. "I'm Danny Fenton. This is Juniper Lee, Kurt Wagner, Raph Hamato and Ben Tennyson."

"Well, let's hurry. If we want to see those Eggs, we got to do it before me and T.K. have to head home." Matt explained as they walked off.

If any of them had looked around, they would have seen the Coral Boulder seemed to expand more rapidly, like it was breathing in excitement before rolling on after the group. But staying in the shade of the tree's to keep out of sight...until the RIGHT time. It didn't take long before the gang arrived at the Warehouse district, hang out of the Ishida boys. The Two had told The Gang how their parents divorced. They still saw each other, but preferred to meet at the warehouse since it was within equal distance of their homes. T.K. living with his Mother and Matt with his Father.

"Our Dad and Mom helped us clean it up and make it into a sorta clubhouse for ourselves." Matt explained.

"Mom and Dad get along well. They just didn't want to live together anymore." T.K. explained simply. Just like a young child would.

"They make sure we still get to see each other when we possibly can...Here it is!" Matt finished, rushing up to the sliding door of a warehouse. Once the door was pushed open, the group rushed in, the boulder seemingly looking around a corner through the doorway, the gang marveled at the various pictures, toys and comics kept in the warehouse. It was a variable clubhouse!

But what REALLY caught their attention was a stack of boxes hiding a open chest. Inside it was a heating lamp warming two grey, black spotted eggs.

"It's them! The Dinosaur Eggs!!" Juniper cheered, clapping her hands happily. The Guys smiled and cheered in glee too.

"Dinosaur Eggs?" Matt questioned.

"If we can guard these eggs until they hatch, we can bring the Dinosaur's back from extinction." Danny happily exclaimed.

"But there's a Wicked Witch who wants to destroy them so she can become immortal." Juniper warned the bros. "We need to move them somewhere safe. Is it alright if we take them?" Juniper asked, since she didn't want to offend the boys but REALLY hoped they would say, Yes.

"It's okay with me. What about you, T.K." Matt believed them. There was something about them that reassured him of their honesty, but he wanted to run it by his little brother, who had wanted eggs to see the eggs hatch.

"Hmmm...Yeah. It's alright." T.K. looked a little down but beamed up at his brother. "If big Brother trusts them, then so do I. You can have 'em!"

Everyone sighed relieved.

"Thanks." Ben replied gratefully, before turning to Danny. "We better get them out of here."

The gang nodded, pulling out the lamp and closing the lid of the Chest only to jump back on seeing a large tentacle plop onto the cover. Attached to the tentacle was the Mother of All Octopuses!

"WAAAH!!" Ben startled backwards. Raph caught him and stared in puzzlement at the creature.

"How the Shell did THAT get in here!?" Raph shouted, only to stumble as something slammed into the side of the Warehouse.

"Ahh!!" Kurt grabbed a hold of June, as Danny and Ben grabbed a hold of the boys, trying to steady themselves with the rumbling. Raph meanwhile swiped at the Octopus with his Sais, forcing it to back up, allowing him to grab the chest.

"What's doing this!?" Raphael yelled, the shaking getting worse as plaster fell from the ceiling as Something rolled across the roof.

"Everyone, outside!!" Danny shouted.

"Come on, Matt!" Raph called over his shoulder. Kurt carrying the chest as they hurried to get out of the room with the Octopus. But as they reached the door leading outside, a certain boulder came crashing through it.

"Whoa Nelly!!" Ben yelled. They turned to see A large Octopus on ONE side and a Huge Boulder barreling toward them from the OTHER side!!

"I can't port out!" Nightcrawler yelled, usually able to teleport from one area to the other. Some unseen force was keeping him there.

"Hold on!" Danny shouted, pulling them to the wall, only to thud against the hard wall instead of phasing through as he had hoped. "We're trapped!!"

"This is Dark Magic," Nightcrawler/Kurt said in worry. "That's the only reason why I can't port, or Danny can't phase with his ghost powers.

"Ah!" Juniper pointed toward the boulder. "What's up with that Rock!?!??"

"I-I think that's....Coral!" Ben peered at the boulder. But stopped his examination of the Boulder as it came hurtling at the Zyurangers and Kids, crashing into the wall as they made a dodged to the side.

The Boulder rolled back....and turned toward Kurt and the bros, who were holding the Chest!!

"Look out!!" Raph cried out, helping Kurt and the boys to their feet. The whole gang sprinting to the door but paused when they saw the Octopus in front of it.

"Out Of The way, SLIME-BALL!!" Danny shouted, hurling a Ecto-Ball at the boneless Beast, knocking it outside.

"Four-Arms!" Ben shouted as he transformed into his red-skinned, four-armed alien tetramand form. He grabbed the two boys, and held them under his bottom two arms, carrying them to keep up with the others.

"Run, Quickly!" Kurt yelled.

"As opposed to run slowly!?" June snapped as the 200 pound objected threatened to roll over her. As they were running the Boulder stopped a few feet behind them, letting the Crabs and urchins fall off and the octopus climb on.


The gang turn surprised to hear laughter, when suddenly the boulder exploded into a wave of orange and red energy.


"Aaaahh!!" The gang yelled out, as they were knocked aside by the energy gathering together on the corner ledge of the warehouse. The energy reforms into a humanoid female form. As the light died down, the occupants saw a woman that was more handsome than beautiful.

She had brown hair that almost swept against the floor, tied near the bottom. Her expression of superiority was accented by sea-themed jewelry. The smooth skin above the woman's sea-shell bra was that of a Caucasian woman, which was a drastic contrast from the red and yellow spotted scales that ran along the side of her legs. Three very thin and long fins prominently stood at the sides of the top of her calves. The only weapon she held for herself was a large bladed boomerang.

"Aww Great!!" Raph griped, stumbling to his feet. "Another Heartless Warrior!"

"Heartless Warrior? Pfft!" The humanoid female scoffs, rolling her eyes. "Shell-head." She proudly lifts up her chin, looking down at the Zyuranger's. "I am a Faithful and Full Fledged Water Elemental and Commander of Lady Despairs Army. I am Secret Agent SALEEN!!"

"Hah!!" Leaping into the air a large water-spout formed underneath her feet, allowing her to soar through the Air directly at our Heroes.

This got a pleased response from The Mistress of Castle Horok.


The Moon: Castle Horok's balcony.

"What A Show! You Get'em, Saleen!!" Lady Despair cheered, peering through her spyglass again.

"Saleen??" A surprised Jack, Rika, Renamon and Billy exclaimed.

"My Queen, who is this "Saleen?" Jack Spicer inquired.

"I never heard of her before." Billy grunted.

"You never even heard of 'Soap' before, Numbskull!" Rika snapped.

Despair turned from her Spyglass to grin at her followers.

"Right before we were sealed away, I had sent Saleen to chase after the Dino-Eggs as my New Commander." Lady Despair shook with excitement, turning to call out into the Castle. "Kevin! Kevin!"

The monstrosity known as Kevin Levin appeared, growling as he approached Despair. The group understood this vocalization as, "Yes, My Queen?"

"Have I got a treat for you!!" Lady Despair chuckled, clapping her hands together to cover her mouth, giggling from excitement before waving at Spyglass. "Take a Look!"

"Hmm?" Kevin grunted confused. Curiosity now piqued, he lumbered over to the Spyglass and gazed into it with his one large eye. Down on Earth, he saw a jet of water slashing through the heroes', before stopping to reveal a familiar female figure, using her boomerang to block a downward punch from Four-Arms, which she then countered with a blast of water. The hydro-blast managed to knock the transformed hero flat on his butt. She then turned to face the others, boomerang sword held up high to fight on.

"Raawwr!?" Kevin pulled back with a roar of disbelief, turning to gaze at Sierra slack-jawed. "Hrrr??"

"Surprise!" Lady Despair cheered, holding up her hands in a pleased shrug. "How does it feel? To see your wife after so long?"

Kevin quickly peered into the spyglass to check again, to see if it really was Saleen. The others nearly collapsed on the ground. But not from the roar.

"KEVIN'S WIFE!?!??" The humans sputtered, shocked beyond words. Even the yellow fox-like digimon, known as Renamon, had her eyes wide open and was looking intently at Lady Despair for answers.

"Hold Up!!" Rika yelled, holding up hands to pause the others. "We've known Kevin for....what...two thousand years before we got imprisoned? And we got to know him more during our Eighty-Million years imprisonment, how could we NOT know about a wife before now?"

"Kevin can't speak." Lady Despair stated, as if it was common knowledge. "Kevin was abandoned as a baby due to his mutant form; I found him and sorta took him in...But the exposure to the cold Mountain air tore his vocal cords beyond repair, even for me."

"That's true." Renamon placed a paw under her chin thoughtfully. "All this time, Kevin has never REALLY spoken to us. We pretty much got the gist of what he wanted with his actions or gestures."

"Huh....I guess, we just got used to not hearing him talk." Jack shrugged, as Rika looked a bit sheepish.

"So...when exactly did they get married?" Rika asked softly, a little embarrassed by her naivety.

"Oh. They met 20,000 years before I recruited you and Jack, Rika-Dear." Lady Despair laughed, gesturing from Kevin to Saleen on Earth. "They had met during a great battle and she helped him heal from his injuries, after that, the two met when I recruited Saleen for the occasional job, since she's the most powerful sea-witch in the world..." Sierra pauses with a coy smirk. "Next to ME, of course."

"Of course." Rika grinned.

"They fell in love, I guess after years of sinking ships and drowning sailors you get bored and want to settle down with someone." Lady Despair smiled at Kevin, who couldn't keep the smile off his face as he looked back up at Lady Despair. "So, One-Hundred years before our Unfortunate Incarceration the two married."

"Wow!" Billy gaped. "That's longer the any marriage I've ever heard of."

"They weren't married for the last 80 million years, Billy." Rika corrected. "Just the century before....,which I guess is still a long time.."

"Now, Saleen. Your husband is watching!" Lady Despair walks toward the edge of the balcony, motioning to Kevin as she sent a magical message to Saleen. "Fight hard and bring back those eggs. But don't break them. Just bring them to me, nice and safe." She jerked her talon hand at the Earth. "NOW GO!!"



Saleen flew through the air, right arm held out holding her boomerang blade, left hand open shooting a stream of pressurized water down on the heroes as her starfish necklace glowed, beams of red energy shooting down and exploding against the Group.

She landed a few feet in front of them, the Ishidia Brothers hiding behind a staircase, the Heroes struggling to stand up among the small craters and puddles surrounding them.

Saleen held out her hand, pearls suddenly appearing between her fingers, before she threw the pearls at the Group. Upon colliding with the concrete floor, the pearls morphed into purple, spiny, moving balls.

"SEA URCHINS!!" Kurt called out in alarm.


The gang stepped back in time as a the urchin's exploded, the smoke from the explosion blocked them from view as they quickly transformed.


The Heroes leapt through the smoke as The Zyurangers. But Saleen sneered at them in a evilly smug way.


On the shouted command, several blue tridents burst out of the puddles that formed from Saleen's water attack, striking the heroes in the back's with a sparking strike. Knocked down, the Zyuranger's turned to see several figures burst out of the puddles.

The creatures were colored in shades of soothing sea and dark green, with gold bands and highlights, their form's seemed more suitable for an underwater habitat. Sleek in form, they had finned feet, apparently to assist them in gliding through the water. Possessing helmet's shaped like a fish for a head, the fish's gaping jagged mouth served as the helmet's eye slot, as well as the angular spiral black eyes of the helmet and the sinister glowing yellow eyes of the Heartless itself, give them a fierce and lethal appearance. Also, the fins at the back of their helmets looked to serve as a three-bladed propeller allowing them to charge through the sea with great bursts of speed.

Their dark green clawed hands gave away their violent tendencies, but their trident; medium blue and featuring three flared prongs ending in lethal barbs, were their most obvious weapons. Their heartless Emblem was on their chest.

Deep Sea Fiend Screwdivers

The Gang instantly charged at the school of Screwdivers, kicking, punching, knocking their tridents aside to avoid being impaled on their barbs. The others were in the rafters, to draw the screwdivers apart and thin their number's. As Danny fought them on land with his T-Rex Sword, charging it with Ecto-Energy before slashing through a whole group in a storm of red and green.

"Ahh!" Matt and T.K. gasped in alarm as a screwdiver landed near them, dissolving into darkness while releasing a heart.

"MATT, GET T.K. OUT OF HERE!!" Danny shouted seeing the brothers were still here.

"Alright!" Shouted Matt as he took his little brother by the shoulder and led him quickly away.


"GAHH!" Danny dropped his sword as a hydro blast to the back caught him off guard. The Undine came swinging at him with her weapon, Danny blocked the strike with his hands but Saleen broke free and sliced him across the chest, knocking him down. She looked in the direction of the Bros and saw them escaping with the Chest.

"Darn it. WAIT!!" Saleen screeched, chasing after the brothers.


The Brothers were running down the road frantically, trying to be careful in case a car came along, but something much Bigger and WORSE then a car landed in their path.

"Hrrrrr." Kevin 11 breathed raspy, glaring at the brothers with his three eyes.

"Let's get out of here!!" Matt shouted turning his brother around, so they could head back the way they came. Only for Saleen to step in their path. Matt held onto his little brother, head jerking from Saleen to Kevin, the monster was more intimidating, but both brothers could tell that the woman was no less lethal. The Two beings stepping closer to the two boys, husband and wife in sync with each others movement.

Saleen put on a pleasant expression reaching out to the boy's with her hand, the bladed boomerang lowered to her side.

"Give me those eggs, now." Saleen gently told the bros.

"NO WAY!!" T.K. Shouted.

"GRAAAH!!" Kevin growled, charging at the boys reaching for T.K. but the boy slipped and rolled down the hill to the pavement below.

"WAAHHHH!!" T.K. cried out. He landed at the bottom with a sickening crack, helmet flying off and the chest tumbling after him.

"T.K.!!" Matt yelled in alarm. But Kevin's lower two arms snagged him and held him tighter as they watched T.K. tumble down. "T.K!! T.K!!!"

Saleen hurried to her husband's side, who just then noticed the chest containing the Dinosaur eggs laying next to T.K.'s side.

"Darling! We need those eggs!" Saleen hurried told her love.


The Two turned to see Danny flying through the air in a attempt to grab Matt from them. But Kevin extended a diamond blade from his diamond arm. Danny shifted his quantum state in perpetration for the attack. Unfortunately, the half-ghost didn't notice the dim green glow of the blade. The blow forced the hero to the ground. Phantom pulled his gloved hand from his side to see the neon green that he knew to take as the ectoplasm that made up his ghost half.

"Danny!!" The others quickly rushed over to help him up. But when they looked back to Kevin and Saleen they were gone along with Matt!!

"Danny, it's T.K. and he's hurt!!" Kurt called out, pointing in the direction of the prone boy.

The Zyurangers rushed to his side, mildly distracted by the Chest but Danny lifted TK gently into his arms with Juniper holding his hands to check his pulse.

"TK!" Danny worried wiped the boys face of the dirt clinging to it.

"Big Brother..."

"That's a nasty gash." Raph commented with a wince. "He might have a concussion."

"Danny, we have to get him to a hospital and quick!" Juniper warned worried for the young boy.

"TK, it's gonna be alright! Just hang on okay?" Danny assured the delirious boy.

"Big brother...." TK's head slumped to the side unconscious.

"TK!!" Danny panicked, "Nightcrawler, teleport us to the hospital."


Castle Horok: Ball Room

Inside Castle Horok, Sierra and her followers were dancing in celebration of their impending victory, stopping only to occasionally point their hands or weapons at the boy threateningly.

The Octopus, known as Armand, and Several Turquoise March's were playing instruments to make the music for their Master. Though with the Turquoise March's they WERE the musical instruments.

The Turquoise March have a smooth, conical body that is predominantly blue with a thick, horizontal, sky blue stripe along its midsection, a Heartless emblem emblazoned on its chest. The top of its body flared outward to form a jagged "collar" below the Heartless's spherical, pitch black head. They were clad in conical, sky blue hats with a blue-white, jagged brim and a thin, curled tip. Like many Heartless, the Turquoise March have glowing yellow eyes. Its seemingly useless feet sport three small, thin toes. They swing back and forth through the air, radiating the sound of their tune as The Heartless Gargoyles marched in place on their pillars and the Defenders danced swaying with their shields to the tune of Victory.

Dan Phantom leaned against the wall, uninterested in the dance party he found himself witnessing but remained so he could fight against the Zyurangers, should Lady Despair need him.

"Let Me Go!!" Matt shouted to be heard over the music playing. He pulled against the chains in vain to get free, legs flailing about in the air. "What are you going to do to me!?"

"We're gonna ransom you in exchange for those Dinosaur eggs." Lady Despair answered with an amount of cheerfulness that sent chills down the young boy's spine. After smiling at the elder Ishida's expression, Sierra waved at her followers gleefully. "Dance, Everyone! Dance! With Saleen now on our side, The Despair Army is stronger than Ever!!

The Group stopped, as Saleen turned and threw herself into Kevin's arms with a overjoyed cry of happiness.

"MY DARLING!" Saleen cooed, nuzzling her head against Kevin's shoulder, beaming happily at the presence of her Love and Husband.

Kevin jerked startled, but growled softly down at his lovely wife, reaching his hand up to softly stroke her hair in happy contentment at being reunited with his Love.

"I could have lived my entire life without seeing that." Jack cried out, covering his face with his fingers, only to peek through the side. "It's like a car wreck."

"Oh shut up!" Rika slapped the back of Spicer's head, making him move his hand to rub the area she hit.

"So embarrassing" Renamon shook her head at the display. Phantom sighed exasperatedly, turning his head away from the scene.

Lady Despair chuckled, tapping her scepter to get the others attention, shaking her head at their reaction to Kevin and Saleen.

"Oh, let them have their fun." Lady Despair gestures at The Happy Couple. "They haven't seen each other in 80 Million years, after all."

Lady Despair walked over to speak more closely to Jack, Billy, Rika and Renamon. Grinning at Saleen who hugs Kevin more tightly, sliding her hands up and down his arm softly.

"When Kevin left to become My General, Saleen returned to their house by the Dead Sea to wait faithfully for his return." Lady Despair explained, delighted to see this sorta love with her Followers as she walked over to the couple. She tilted her head adoringly at the Two Lovers. "Isn't that sweet?"

Saleen turned to Lady Despair and the others, arms still on Kevin's. "But then Lady Despair came to see me. She said that if I became her New Commander and help you find the Dinosaur Eggs,...." Saleen turns excitedly to Kevin, beaming with happiness as she slaps her hand against Kevin's chest. "SHE'D USE HER POWERS TO HEAL YOUR VOCAL CORDS!!"

Kevin looked up from Saleen, who was trailing a scaled finger across his exposed chest, to stare in surprise at hearing of his Queen's promise. She smiled back at him with a dazzling, if slightly sharp, looking smile.

"Hmmmmm. Everything's turning out so well." Saleen cooed happily.

"How wonderful!" Rika gushed, clapping her hands together at the romantic scene unfolding before her eyes.

"I'm also doing my best, so please make me the General of your Machine Army!" Jack cried out excitedly.

"Yeah! And get me a lifetime supply of Atomic-Hot-Fudge Cupcakes!!" Billy slobbers as he licks his lips.

"Yeah, like you need anything else to eat." Rika snapped.

"Still upset he ate your lipstick?" Jack knowingly questioned his girlfriend, as Billy wiped red marks from his teeth

Lady Despair shook her head amused at the group. "You All will get your wishes once we have those eggs." Despair beamed jubilantly as she holds up two fingers in pinch gesture, looking very pleased with herself "We're so close to our ultimate victory! With those eggs in hand, we'll have everything we need to destroy DaiZyuJin!!"

DaiZyuJin being the giant robot god that Danny and the others used to fight Lady Despair monsters, when they were made giant sized. It always bested her monsters, and without it she would've taken over the Earth by now.

The Evil Band could feel the excitement and overjoyed sensation coming from their mistress, and they enjoyed it too. Finally after 80 Million years they would succeed in world Domination!

"Dan Phantom!" Lady Despair gestures at uninterested Phantom. "Saleen" Saleen turns nodding at her Queen. "And the Dinosaur eggs! AHAHAHAAHAHA!!!"


The group laugh wickedly, while poor Matt dangled from the ceiling like a worm on a hook. Bait for the BIGGER Fish, Lady Despair planned to catch.

To be Continued
Female Undine Warrior-part 1
Now edited and Beta by I.S. AWESOME 2014 on :D

*No Copyright*

The Characters featured in this Parody belong to their respective creators and are just borrowed for Entertainment!

Sierra Lady Despair is my own creation. Image…

The Following Characters are the Zyuranger/Power Rangers

Danny Fenton/Phantom: TyrannoRanger

Ben "10" Tennyson: MammothRanger

Juniper Lee: PeteraRanger

Raphael Ninja Turtle: TriceraRanger

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler: TigerRanger

Guests appearance by Saleen from Aladdin: The Series
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