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Season Finale! by RandomDraggon

I lvoe this!! The color, the pose, the mood attached. It shows how much oyu love the show, and reflects my OWN love for the show too. A...

more mermaids by eponinethecurious

I love the originallity of this, mind you mermaids are a common plot idea, but the way you take these two characters, gender bend them ...

DAII: Anders of the Magi by Lurockia

I ALWAYS love pics of Anders with a cat. And this particular pic is gorgeous, it has perfect shape, defined facial features and hands. ...

CM: Your Royal Highnesses by Lurockia

Gorgeous! The colors are striking, the overall them of it is catching. Truly, it shows these two characters at their best. Alistair as ...


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Love Struck Sea Witch by bbb35
Love Struck Sea Witch
Dearest :iconmaxxdick: Did another commission for me. It's a pic of my OC, as she would've been in the cartoon 'Conan The Adventurer'. A Immensely powerful sea-witch, totally in love with Greywolf of Xanthus, a good wizard.

But unlike Mesmira, she tries to aid him, turn his siblings back from wolves to Humans. And free the world of Set's Worshipers.

All credit to :iconmaxxdick: for drawing this for me. :D For such a great price.
As I learned from Tumblr, here's some IMPORTANT NEWS!!

Apparently Cartoon Network is deciding to air a handful of new episodes next week, but very VERY early in the morning.

Now knowing CN, I can tell you with having gone through the DC Nation fiasco as well as Generator Rex that when they want to try and push a show down, they specifically put it on at times when none of the fans would be able to watch them as well as neglect to renew advertising for the new episodes.




Let Me Tell Your Future by bbb35
Let Me Tell Your Future
"I can tell your future, but a single act of knowing will affect all else that follows. How it changes, no one can tell...there are too many threads. Too many tangles....and if you keep seeing the future, it alters itself too rapidly, even for ME to figure it all out. So, ask for your fortune. But be warned, NOTHING is set in stone"


Art by fantastic :iconteratophelia: This was a commission of my OC, Dark Spectre Queen of the Galaxy, Vanessa. Acting in the role of a Fortune-Teller. Pay him respects, he does good work for reasonable amount.
The Full Moon shown brightly over the Cemetery, as Ben was draped in a black robe, standing next to a open grave, which he smiled down into fondly. As he stood next to the open ditch, Rook came over in his torn pajama-top, and low riding orange sleeping pants, carrying a small urn.

"Beloved..." Rook calls out, holding out the urn. But Ben puts a finger to his lips, shushing him softly, before pointing into the open grave with a smile.

Rook leans forward to stare into the grave; and a grin breaks over his usual somber face.

In the grave were his two children, and Ergho, the three children were sprawled over each other like the victims of the plague, being thrown into the cart to be burned and buried.

"They're DEAD tire." Ben explains. "It's been a very exciting day for them..."

Ben smiles happily at the kids, even thou he only birthed two of them, he loved them all so much.

His eyes were then drawn to the black Urn in Rook's hand, eyes widening as he sees the gold letters 'Darkstar, in loving memory.'

"Is this all that's left of Cousin Darkstar?" Ben takes the urn and smirks at the urn. "I hear Vanessa is planning to start a new garden, Darkstar would be excellent fertilizer."

"Yes, It is a pity. But there is not a Dead-Man Alive who can beat me in battle for my Heart's Flame." Rook brags, unaware of Ren and Bianca opening their eyes, as Ben puts a kiss to Rook's cheek.

"Your my Regal Revonnaghander." Ben turns to look down at the twins, smiling with a impish wink. The twins wink back, they know they really were the one to defeat Darkstar, but let dad have his proud moment and shut their eyes to go back to sleep.

Rook gently took his mates hand and led him away from the grave, and walk across the graveyard, Rook paused in front of a beheaded angel statue, and gazed deeply into Ben's emerald eyes.

"Are you miserable, Flamara?" Rook asks Ben with a deep loving gaze.

"Oh yes," Ben stares back just as passionately. "Yes, Completely!."

Back near the house, Vanessa was standing over a cauldron, and putting various ingredients into the bubbling liquid.

"Oily of Boil, a Dead-Mans toe, essence of maggot..." She looks through the basket she had in her left hand. "Wing of Bat, Bone of Fish, help me to make a delightful dish!"

"Is it ready, V, huh. Is it?" Argit asks excitedly as he adn Ester come out of the house and hurry to Vanessa's side.

"No, not yet." She slaps his paw/hand when he tries to reach into the cauldron. "I need one last MOST IMPORTANT ingredient." Everyone was in their clothing for bed, as it was almost morning. And they needed to sleep during the day, mostly.

She then looks up from the cauldron as Ben and Rook approached with the urn.

"Ahhh! perfect!" She takes the urn from Ben with a smile. "Thank you, Dear. Now, my no-good bastard son has FINALLY made something of himself."

She then opens the urn and pours the dusty remains of her son into the cauldron, which turns a sickly green glow. Everyone hummed in appreciation to the delicious smell, as Vanessa stirred the cauldron. Rook wrapped a arm around Ben, who leaned into him with a happy smile.

"We really should have family for dinner more often." Rook remarks with a vicious grin.

The Entire family burst into demented laughter, as they agreed as they started to scoop up bowlfuls of 'Darkstar-Soup.'

          The End
Dead-Beat Relatives The End
Bonus End Scene!!

Ben 10 and the characters belong to MAN OF ACTION!!

I use them for entertainment purposes only. Bailey, Ergho and Ren belong to :iconspitfiresdad16:

This was done as per request from :icondarkamy1:
ElyonBlackStar Commission- Vanessa's Concotion by bbb35
ElyonBlackStar Commission- Vanessa's Concotion
"And now, we add a little snake's venom." Vanessa gently placed her scaly, black clawed hands onto the counter top, upon which two of the tiles glow a eerie green as moaning, a snake's rattler and hissing was heard over the bubbling of the potions.


A Commission done by the Wonderful, Stupendous, Marvelous :iconelyonblackstar:

She drew this, give her the love and credit :D

She brought my OC to Life!!
Request: Dionysus and Vanessa by A-gnosis by the lovely A-gnosis.

her comic is to DIE for, and I made a request for my OC, as a Lamia. (Greek Monster) and the god of wine, Dionysus, getting flirty. ;)

Go check out her comics, their fantastic, original and a major spin-twist on the Greek Gods. But I love it :D


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Thanks for the Watch!
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Pyronies walks with  Aqualad as they watch Thanatos plays with Wolf in the Watchtower garden.

:iconaqualadplz: "Thanatos is very big for a panther."

Marie: "Just like his daddy." (she said meaningfully, leaning her head against his shoulder.)

:iconaqualadplz: "'Daddy'?" (raised an eyebrow at her.) "This isn't one of those 'practice for having a baby' things, is it?"

Marie: "We don't have a baby."
:iconaqualadplz: "That is my point." (He coughed, rolling his shoulders a little awkwardly.) "You, uh, want one? Or something?"

bbb35 Featured By Owner 2 days ago


Marie: Well, I don't know....I mean, my father IS the king of the dead. So, not too sure if we took my parents 5000 years to conceive me. But it might be different for me. Still, only one way to find out.
(She winks at Kaldur, wrapping her arms around his waist to put both hands on his butt, and press her bosom into his chest. Causing his gillls to flare up, eyes widen and face turn red.)
:iconKaldurplz: Ma-Marie!! Not in front of the kids!
((meaning thanatos and wolf.)
ArjunaAqualight Featured By Owner 1 day ago
:iconsuperboyplz: Then I can trust you'll "practice" in the safety of a secured room. (He motions to Wolf) Come on, boy. Let's go see M'ggan.
Marie: I think we won't be the only ones been proactive. (she smirks at Conner.)
(Conner stares at her, his cheeks pink.)
:iconsuperboyplz: W-whatever?
As Conner leaves, Thanatos walks to Marie so she can pat him, without letting go Kaldur.
Marie: Soooo, (she looks at Kaldur) ...practice?
bbb35 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
(Kaldur and Marie are in bed, and in the middle of a VERY heated make out and Kaldur has stripped his shirt off, and is cupping Marie's Boobs. When suddenly the door to the bedroom flings open, and they look up to see Vanessa and Booster, V, has her legs wrapped around Booster's waist as the two kiss passionately, and feel each other up.)

:iconboostergoldplz: I can't wait to get you out of those clothes...(sees over V's shoulders) KALDUR!?

Vanessa: Excuse me!? I'll forgive you crying out Ted's name, but Kaldur's?
PreciousGaby Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I'm just gonna say this; I ship Jimmy Jones with Rook Shim (Blonko's white-hair sister).

I can just imagine Jimmy tripping on his own feet, causing Shim to giggle, and him blushing by catching a her attention.
bbb35 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Awww~ Same here.
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