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Young Justice by emmshin
by emmshin

Magnificent! Splendid! Excellent! Superb!! Stellar! Really, the sheer effort sown in this, and the detailed work. I mean it, the color,...

Bart and Garfield by Cesar-Hernandez

Too funny. And it makes sense, what with them having similar names. ANd I love the vivid color, and how seamlessly you draw a green Bea...

After Party Dance by EyeOfTheDragonCrew

Oh this is spectacular!! I love the sorta watery feel of the floor, the melding of purple and blue. Blue being such a emotional color a...

Moordryd Redraw! by EyeOfTheDragonCrew

This is very well drawn. And I love the shade, the background and the overall feel of the pic. I mean, we know Moordryd is a sorta bad ...


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Sweet, Sweet Valentine by bbb35
Sweet, Sweet Valentine
The adorableness that is the FlashHunter pairing, aka. Wally West The Flash and his boyfriend J'onn J'onzz aka The Martian Manhunter as paired by :iconleonardnimoylover:

Cause we all know J'onn is a oreo lover :D

For whom I commissioned the wonderful :iconelyonblackstar: to draw this pic as a thanks for LNL being such a nice friend. And she deserved a good pic of her fave couple, and mine. ^_^

And she does good work too. For 10, 15 dollars. Very fine work, go and see her for commissions.

So, to :iconleonardnimoylover: :iconheartemote: :iconlovecuddleplz: best wishes to you hon, and your own sweetheart. ^_^

Lady of the Sea by bbb35
Lady of the Sea
:iconnetsco: This was done by the lovely artist LamourDanimer. He does FANTASTIC fairy Tale pics. And this was only 25 dollars.

So, go, commission, he's good :D

But check out and comment on his other art too.

He's done my OC as a mermaid, I've often had her as a sea witch in some fairy tale parodies I've written. But I felt like having her as a mermaid. :)

My OC Vanessa.
*Later in the Main Hall.*

Vanessa walks into the Main Hall dressed in a elaborate orange dress, with a long silk scarf trailing behind her on the floor. Her Pet Seviper, Cassandra, draped over her shoulders.

Vanessa: Darling, I need to talk to you about....(eyes widen) WHAT?

Vlad: Haha!

(Vlad Plasmius was a half-ghost former super villain, he wears a black suit with a grey shirt under it and a red tie around his neck. His hair is grey and ties up as a ponytail. He also has a grey hair on his chin. His name is Vanessa's husband and beloved "Darling')

Vanessa: (claps hands, smiling) Why, Darling, you've built the loveliest troth, leading into the laundry chute.

Vlad: (winks) Thanks, Beloved.

Michael: Ahahahaha!! (pulls on helmet) Oh, this is terrific! We might crash into a wall! Hahahahah!

(Vlad puts on a helmet, suit and buckles himself in, he's accompanied by a large bipedal yellow Turtle, his one eye smaller then the other and his tongue hanging from his mouth. This is Michael, another of the Dark Turtle brothers, that work for the Plasmius Family, his job being cook and assisting Vlad on his exploits. This being on of those exploits.)

Vlad: Michael and I are practicing our Luge run, Sweetness. (Hopes into the luge, Michal getting set behind him) Contact!

Michael: (laughs crazy) THIS IS GREAT! Hahahaha!! We're gonna crash!!

Vanessa: (claps hand) Oh, Darling!

Seviper: (purrs cheering) Krrrrr!!

Vlad: (whoops) Butter-Beer!!

(The Luge sweeps past Vanessa, Cassandra and head through a door, a series of loud crashes follow after them. Vanessa follows after and leans over looking into the laundry room, her Seviper looking in as well.)

Vanessa: Darling, are you alright!?

(Leon appears behind her holding a basket of laundry, suddenly it shifts Vlad and Michael's head popping out of the clothes.)

Cassandra: (curious) Buurrrr?

Leon: (sighs) I was picking up the basket, when they fell into the basket. Otherwise I would have thrown them into the wash.

Michael: Hahahaha! (insane grin) We Set a New Record, Hahahahaha!!!

Vlad: (hops out) You'll never guess, what we found in that old forgotten pile of Uncle Goners laundry!!

Vanessa: (stroking Cassie's head) What?

Vlad: Uncle Goner! (Holds up a struggling figure, muffled noises coming from the body.) No wonder they smelled so funny.

Leon: (groans) It's gonna be Hell getting his smell out.

(Leon walks away leaving Vlad, Vanessa and Michael behind, Vanessa deciding now is a good time to talk to her Hubby.)

Vanessa: Darling, I'm having a problem with the children.

(Vlad pulls off his helmet, untied his hair comes loose reaching to his shoulder, he looks shocked at what V, said.)

Vlad: "Our Children!?" Your having a problem with Our children? (thinks for a sec) Wait. They didn't paint Rolf's pet goat again, did they?

Vanessa: (shakes head) No.

Michael: Hahahaah! (shaking head wildly) Too bad, Victor looks good in green. Heheheeee!

(Vanessa starts to pace in front of her husband, Cassandra rubbing her chin thoughtfully with her tail's knife like end, with Michael imitating her arms crossed behind his back looking thoughtful.)

Vanessa: Darling, I'm concerned. The Children just don't seem to have fun with me (stops frowning) They enjoy time with Uncle Elmer, Endive or the Turtles but...

(Uncle Elmer suddenly runs up to them, interrupting what Mrs. Plasmius had to say, followed by Sarah, Ed and Alice.)

Elmer: Hey Vwad, the Little Cwpt Kickers and I are going to play a game of stweet Hockey without a wuck. Wanna Pway?

(Sarah and Alice grin holding up their Hockey sticks.)

Vlad: What do you use instead of a Puck?

(Elmer falls on his back grinning like the fool he is all the time.)

Elmer: Me! (A large red Turtle stomps over to Uncle Elmer, holding his own hockey stick.) Nobody has a slap-shot like the old Waffy.

(The Aforementioned Waffy is Rafio, the third oldest of the Dark Turtle brothers, his job is caring for the children and guarding them from any harm. Thou frightening with his pupils less yellow eyes, sharp teeth and hulking body, he really was quite gentle like a puppy.)

Alice: Mother, may we put off bathing the Spinarak's until tomorrow?

Sarah: (fang grin) Yeah, I love playing hockey with Rafio and Uncle Elmer.

(A crack is heard as Rafio slaps his stick against Elmer, sending him flying across the room.)

Elmer: WEEEEEEE!! (A loud crash is heard.) WHOAH! MAMA!!

Vanessa: (sighs) Of course, Children. You should be off having fun.

Alice: (smiles) Thanks. Come on, Papa!

(Walking after them Vlad stops and turns toward Vanessa.)

Vlad: Honey, what was it you wanted to talk about?

Vanessa: (sighs despondent) It's nothing, Darling, enjoy your game.

(Vlad walks off, leaving Vanessa looking dejected with her arms crossed, Michael stops laughing looking concerned at his Mistress, before following her into the Den area.)

Two Hours later

(Vanessa still in her outfit from before is painting something on her canvas, when Vlad in his usual pinstripe suit skates in on blades.)

Vlad: Ahh, My Little Fudge Cracker, you missed a great game. Right, Children?

(Alice is seen tying rope to a hook in the wall, the rest of the rope is attached to a chandelier with knives dangling from it, and Ed is tied to stakes in the floor underneath it.)

Alice: It was most enjoyable.

Ed: Until our puck got knocked down the sewer.

(Vanessa stops painting, her eyes widening in realization her and Cassandra, coiled around her waist, turned to look in confusion)

Vanessa: (pointing paintbrush) I thought Uncle Elmer was your puck?

Vlad: He was, the salty old dog should be washing out to see any time now. (A loud crash signifies the Chandelier dropping on Edward.) And besides he always...*GASP*

(Vlad gasps in horror, for the painting Vanessa is painting is of a lovely cottage on a green pasture, with pretty trees and blue sky over head. It's Horrible!!)

Vlad: (cringes) Holy Crumb-Cake! Beloved, your painting it's so colorful and sweet and pleasant! (Cassandra slithers to the floor as Vlad pulls V, close to himself, placing a hand to her forehead) Are you Ill?

Vanessa: (looking ready to cry) Oh, Darling, I...

(Before the water works starts, Alice, Sarah and Ed, with a piece of the Chandelier sticking out of his back, walk toward their parents holding papers.)

Alice: By the way, Mother. (handing her the paper) This announcement came from school today.

Ed: (slightly off balance due to piece) Yeah, Ed got one too.

(Vanessa accepts the papers and examines them carefully, her face brightening as she read them.)

Vanessa: (to Vlad) Darling, they need parent volunteers in the children's class. (Smiles hugging the papers) Maybe I can have fun with them at school!

Sarah: (confused) Have the what now?

Vlad: Presidential idea, Gorgeous.

Vanessa: (reading paper) It's says for Volunteers to call Pamela Manson.

Chestnut: (pops out of jewelery box) Ring a ding-ding, Mrs. Plasmius!

Vanessa: (smiles) Thank you, Chestnut. (holds up the strange, blue hand skeleton phone to her ear.) Hello, Pamela, Vanessa Plasmius, Here. I'd like to volunteer in my children's class.


(The instant she hears this, she's rushing over from her house over to the Plasmius home and swipes the paper from Vanessa's hand.)

Pam Manson: Nope, Nadda, Nein, No way, no how, nu-uh!!

(She then stomps out of the mansion to avoid catching the weirdness of the Plasmius Family. Vanessa misinterprets this of course and smiles, handing the phone back to Chestnut.)

Vanessa: Isn't that sweet? (hugs and pets Cassandra's head beaming) She's afraid I'll have to disrupt my busy schedule to help with the kids.

Vlad: She's a neighbors, neighbor, Honey.

Vanessa: But having fun with the kids is more important than my schedule (Overjoyed she throws her arms around her hubby smiling.) I'll do it!!

Uncle Elmer: AHHHHH!!!

(A powerful crash is heard as a Anchor bursts thru the window, tied to it covered in seaweed and barnacles is Uncle Elmer.)

Elmer: (eyes wide with glee) MAN! Those Navy Bowy's Weally now how to have a Good time!!


The Next Day Vanessa is shown in science class next to Mr. Fusster the Science Teacher. She was dressed in a silvery dress with Mask's attached all over them, the kids gawk a bit at her outfit but pay attention when Mr. Fusster calls their attention.

"Class, please stop your electricity experiment and please," Gesture's to Vanessa. "Say Hello to our new parent-Volunteer, Mrs. Vanessa Plasmius."

"Good Morning, Mrs. Plasmius." The Children all seated at their desks, with glowing light bulbs attached to a small battery being their projects.

"Good Morning, Mother." Alice called out. Her Doll Catherine strapped a to a electric chair in place of a light bulb.

"Today we're gonna be doing our Music Lesson," Mr. Fusster says pulling a guitar from behind his desk. Before he turns to explain to Mrs. Plasmius. "Due to our budget cuts we have to merge the classes and teach two subjects at once."

"Oh. Mr. Fusster,do you mind if I play the music?," Vanessa asked.

"Why not at all, Mrs. Plasmius." Cheerfully handing over the guitar, he starts to snap his fingers to a beat. "A One, A Two and..."


Everyone in the class, minus Alice, cover their ears in pain as Vanessa holds up her hands that were dragging down the chalkboard, her nails having extended twelve inches, leaving deep grooves in the board.

Mr. Fusster is bent over, glasses cracking as he desperately tries to gain his footing to leap forward and grab Vanessa's hand, halting her scratching of the board.


Vanessa looks startled and apologetic.

"I'm sorry, is this bothering you?"

"Eeeehhh-YES!!" Mr. Fusster panted, sweat dripping down his face and grinding his teeth from the sharp, painful sounds.

"I understand," Vanessa says, pulling her hand free from Fusster's grip. "I was a Little Flat"."

She raises her hand to a different spot and brings her talon nails down, the sharp screech forcing Mr. Fusster to pass out.

"There!" Vanessa stated proudly. "Tre Magnifique!"

A swirl of green energy forms near her, revealing Vlad, who grabs and dips Vanessa in a passionate embrace.

"Beloved, that's French!!" Buries his face into her neck, placing kisses upside it passionately. "Say More!"

Vanessa's looks slightly flustered, if not pleased by his show of affection, but grabs his shoulders and pushes him away.

"Darling!" When Vlad faces her, she points toward the students. "We're in school."

"Oh..." Cools down, patting flushed forehead with handkerchief. "Your right, we'll save it for homework." Winks at her before vanishing in a red flame.

"Your Mom plays a mean Chalkboard." Danny Jackson, Alice's classmate and close friend praised from the seat next to her.

"You should hear her rub a balloon." Alice impishly retorted, grinning.

"Mrs. Plasmius!" Mr. Fusster spoke, legs wobbly and barely able to stand, voice weak and strained. "We need to talk."
Plasmius Family- PTA 2
No Copyright. Based on the Addams Family Cartoon of the same Title.


Morticia Addams: Vanessa Masters/Plasmius

Gomez Addams: Vlad Masters/Plasmius

Wednesday Addams: Alice from Digimon and Sarah from Ed, Edd N Eddy

Pugsley Addams: Ed from Ed, Edd N Eddy

Uncle Fester: Elmer Fudd

Granny: Endive from "Chowder"

Lurch: The Dark Turtles from Ninja Turtles "Fast Forward" Leon, Donald, Rafio and Michael.

Thing: Chestnut

Cousin Itt: Captain Caveman
Five days before Christmas, the lovely Vanessa had just completed all of her holiday shopping for her friends and husband. Sitting on a bench near the food court, Vanessa took out her phone and gave her husband a call.
“Hi, Michael?” Vanessa said. “I just wanted to let you know I’ve finished my shopping an-“
“DON’T LET IT OUT AGAIN!” Someone shouted in the phone over Michael’s voice.
“Uh, what’s that noise in the background?” Vanessa inquired.
“Noise? What, oh that yeah Ted just left the TV on.” Michael explained.
“Yeah giant spider movies are especially screwy, huh Ted?” Michael nervously laughed. “Anyway gotta go love ya!”
“But what-“
“Damn it, Michael.” Vanessa swore under her breath.

“Okay Michael, what did you and Ted do thi-“
The last part of the word “this” died in her mouth. Because inside Justice League headquarters the time was fighting against some…. Some… THING that looked as though a xenomorph and a tarantula had been crossbred with fruitcake!
“Don’t let it lay any more eggs!”
“I still need to blind the other eyes!”
Vanessa took several deep breaths, set her packages down outside the room so they wouldn’t get damaged, and began counting to ten.
“MICHAEL! TED!” Vanessa screamed, her face as red as the Christmas ornaments in the hall.
“Uh, hi o wife o mine!” Michael, aka Booster Gold, who was missing a patch of hair and had a bloody nose, replied. He dragged his friend and teammate, Ted, aka Blue Beetle, by the arm. Ted was holding a rolling pin and Michael was wearing an apron saying “Kiss the Cook.”
“It was all his fault!” Ted immediately threw Michael under the bus. “I told him not to use your spell book to make fruit cake, BUT NOOOOOOOO!”
“I TOLD you not to add all that nutmeg!” Michael blamed.
“And I told you I’M JEWISH. Why should I be making a fruitcake in the first place?!”
“Well THAT’s certainly obvious since you couldn’t follow the recipe properly!”
“No, you followed the recipe correctly.” Vanessa said.
“What?” The two men deadpanned.
“You were using a recipe in a book of spells, what did you THINK was going to happen?”

And that lead to the Justice League having the 'No Magic Spell Books allowed in the creation of baked goods.' Rule.


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Super Science Network: "Innovators of the Present - Avant-Garde of the Future!"

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(Vanessa falls off Appa when the Gaang are looking for spirit library)

Vanessa: AAHHH!! (Flailing in sand) HELP!! HELP!! I'M DROWNING! I'M DROWING!! I'M DROW...(looks around and realizes.) Oh! Oh fudge.
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