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I lvoe this!! The color, the pose, the mood attached. It shows how much oyu love the show, and reflects my OWN love for the show too. A...

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I love the originallity of this, mind you mermaids are a common plot idea, but the way you take these two characters, gender bend them ...

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I ALWAYS love pics of Anders with a cat. And this particular pic is gorgeous, it has perfect shape, defined facial features and hands. ...

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Gorgeous! The colors are striking, the overall them of it is catching. Truly, it shows these two characters at their best. Alistair as ...


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As I learned from Tumblr, here's some IMPORTANT NEWS!!

Apparently Cartoon Network is deciding to air a handful of new episodes next week, but very VERY early in the morning.

Now knowing CN, I can tell you with having gone through the DC Nation fiasco as well as Generator Rex that when they want to try and push a show down, they specifically put it on at times when none of the fans would be able to watch them as well as neglect to renew advertising for the new episodes.




Let Me Tell Your Future by bbb35
Let Me Tell Your Future
"I can tell your future, but a single act of knowing will affect all else that follows. How it changes, no one can tell...there are too many threads. Too many tangles....and if you keep seeing the future, it alters itself too rapidly, even for ME to figure it all out. So, ask for your fortune. But be warned, NOTHING is set in stone"


Art by fantastic :iconteratophelia: This was a commission of my OC, Dark Spectre Queen of the Galaxy, Vanessa. Acting in the role of a Fortune-Teller. Pay him respects, he does good work for reasonable amount.
The Full Moon shown brightly over the Cemetery, as Ben was draped in a black robe, standing next to a open grave, which he smiled down into fondly. As he stood next to the open ditch, Rook came over in his torn pajama-top, and low riding orange sleeping pants, carrying a small urn.

"Beloved..." Rook calls out, holding out the urn. But Ben puts a finger to his lips, shushing him softly, before pointing into the open grave with a smile.

Rook leans forward to stare into the grave; and a grin breaks over his usual somber face.

In the grave were his two children, and Ergho, the three children were sprawled over each other like the victims of the plague, being thrown into the cart to be burned and buried.

"They're DEAD tire." Ben explains. "It's been a very exciting day for them..."

Ben smiles happily at the kids, even thou he only birthed two of them, he loved them all so much.

His eyes were then drawn to the black Urn in Rook's hand, eyes widening as he sees the gold letters 'Darkstar, in loving memory.'

"Is this all that's left of Cousin Darkstar?" Ben takes the urn and smirks at the urn. "I hear Vanessa is planning to start a new garden, Darkstar would be excellent fertilizer."

"Yes, It is a pity. But there is not a Dead-Man Alive who can beat me in battle for my Heart's Flame." Rook brags, unaware of Ren and Bianca opening their eyes, as Ben puts a kiss to Rook's cheek.

"Your my Regal Revonnaghander." Ben turns to look down at the twins, smiling with a impish wink. The twins wink back, they know they really were the one to defeat Darkstar, but let dad have his proud moment and shut their eyes to go back to sleep.

Rook gently took his mates hand and led him away from the grave, and walk across the graveyard, Rook paused in front of a beheaded angel statue, and gazed deeply into Ben's emerald eyes.

"Are you miserable, Flamara?" Rook asks Ben with a deep loving gaze.

"Oh yes," Ben stares back just as passionately. "Yes, Completely!."

Back near the house, Vanessa was standing over a cauldron, and putting various ingredients into the bubbling liquid.

"Oily of Boil, a Dead-Mans toe, essence of maggot..." She looks through the basket she had in her left hand. "Wing of Bat, Bone of Fish, help me to make a delightful dish!"

"Is it ready, V, huh. Is it?" Argit asks excitedly as he adn Ester come out of the house and hurry to Vanessa's side.

"No, not yet." She slaps his paw/hand when he tries to reach into the cauldron. "I need one last MOST IMPORTANT ingredient." Everyone was in their clothing for bed, as it was almost morning. And they needed to sleep during the day, mostly.

She then looks up from the cauldron as Ben and Rook approached with the urn.

"Ahhh! perfect!" She takes the urn from Ben with a smile. "Thank you, Dear. Now, my no-good bastard son has FINALLY made something of himself."

She then opens the urn and pours the dusty remains of her son into the cauldron, which turns a sickly green glow. Everyone hummed in appreciation to the delicious smell, as Vanessa stirred the cauldron. Rook wrapped a arm around Ben, who leaned into him with a happy smile.

"We really should have family for dinner more often." Rook remarks with a vicious grin.

The Entire family burst into demented laughter, as they agreed as they started to scoop up bowlfuls of 'Darkstar-Soup.'

          The End
Dead-Beat Relatives The End
Bonus End Scene!!

Ben 10 and the characters belong to MAN OF ACTION!!

I use them for entertainment purposes only. Bailey, Ergho and Ren belong to :iconspitfiresdad16:

This was done as per request from :icondarkamy1:
ElyonBlackStar Commission- Vanessa's Concotion by bbb35
ElyonBlackStar Commission- Vanessa's Concotion
"And now, we add a little snake's venom." Vanessa gently placed her scaly, black clawed hands onto the counter top, upon which two of the tiles glow a eerie green as moaning, a snake's rattler and hissing was heard over the bubbling of the potions.


A Commission done by the Wonderful, Stupendous, Marvelous :iconelyonblackstar:

She drew this, give her the love and credit :D

She brought my OC to Life!!
Later that day in the entertainment room, Rook was peering through the windows of a quaint doll house, which he admired as Darkstar looked around the room in interest, as Argit followed him closely. Out of concern for what Darkstar would do, and because his wife Ester told him to, after learning Darkstar drained their son dry of mana.

Plus, when Argit was in the Alien-Criminal underworld, he'd heard some NASTY rumors about Darkstar. And there was one other who was there that didn't like Darkstar, Rook Brillig, Blonko's younger brother. When he met Darkstar it was when Ben and Blonko's families gathered together for the arranged marriage of Jennifer Tennyson Nocturne, and Rook Blonko. Brillig didn't have his name yet, so he was referred to as 'Young One'

And he saw how awful Michael/Darkstar was and wasn't about to let him interrupt his brother and bother-in-laws happiness!

"Make yourself at home, Darkstar." Rook calls out to his cousin as he holds up a magnifying glass to better inspect the house.

"Oh, I intend to...” Darkstar murmurs darkly as he walks across the room.

"I never liked you, Darkstar." Brillig hisses into Darkstar's ear following the mutant closely.

"Yeah, we don't know what you’re up to but we'll figure it out!" Argit warns too. "We'll be watching you, whenever you turn around...."

Darkstar does turn and Argit gets in his face, "We'll be there!"

Darkstar chuckles as he begins to walk over toward the bookshelves, closely followed by Brillig and Argit.

"I see that..." Brillig suddenly jumps in front of him with a sneer.

"Or I'll be here!"

Darkstar sighs in annoyance, but puts a cheerful tinge in his voice for Rook to hear.

"Not much has changed around here in the last 26 years, Blonko." Darkstar casually peruses the books on the shelf. "The House, still exquisitely decorated. Benjamin, still lovely. Mother....well, she's ALWAYS been Ageless."

As he talks, Argit is right on his backside, as Brillig is behind Argit a way.

"The library still has that claw trap," Darkstar pulls out one book, causing a crane claw to shoot down and grab Argit by the head. Which soon pulls him out of sight, while he flails, trying to break free, while Brillig runs to the spot where Argit stood. And looks up in alarm.

Then Darkstar puts the book back, and pushes down on a nearby lantern, which causes the shelf to pull back and reveal a dark, dreary corridor.

"Brillig.." His voice lowers to a sinister tone. "Still a moronic little brat."

He holds his hand against Brillig's chest, and fires an energy blast, which sends him hurtling into the corridor as the shelf shuts back into place.

"And you’re not dead...." Darkstar then pulls a battle-axe off the wall, and turns toward Rook, whose back was still toward him.


"No, not yet." Rook sighs sadly. "But you can't have it all." Once Rook gives the doll-house a once over, he holds up his hands as if to freeze it in place. "Perfect!"

Rook then bends down to pick up something to place on the side of the House, which was a wrecking ball.

"Ahh. The Defining moment." Rook sighed in glee, unaware of Darkstar steadily approaching with the battle-axe, raised and ready to swing down on Rook's head.

"Almost forgot the Senior Citizen's!" Rook exclaimed, suddenly pulling to the side as Darkstar brought down the axe, but instead of hitting Rook in the head, it split the doll-house down the center.

Rook turns at hearing the sound, and smiles impressed. "Split Level Condominiums, why did not I think of it?" Rook pats Darkstar, who's growling under his mask at missing. "You’re a real home-wrecker, Michael."

"Hehe. Precisely." He tugs the axe free as Rook passes him to walk over to the drinks cabinet, to pour himself a little Amber-Oogia juice.

"But let us cut to the chase, I feel as If there is something on your mind," Rook asks as he starts to sip from the glass.

"Oh?" Darkstar mutters casually, preparing to embed the Axe into Rook's back.

Rook happens to wander near the doorway, where a painting of Ben in his wedding outfit, blood red tuxedo, hung near the door.

"Well, I admit it must have been a surprise all that time ago," Rook reminiscent as he gazes at Ben's painting. "You showing up to claim your arrange fiancée, only to see the two of us madly in love. Only to add salt to the wound, when you came back from the dead and saw us happily married and with two children."

Rook immediately walks off to the side and Darkstar embeds the Axe, only into the door-frame. Right smack near the face of an unimpressed Khyber, holding a tray with a glass of blood-red wine for the Mutant-undead son of The Dark Spectre Queen.

"Ah. Thank you." Darkstar sighs parched as he gulps down the glass, lifting his mask to do so, and puts it back down. Then wrenching the Axe out of the door-frame. "Oh that? No big deal...."

Rook smiles as he finishes his own drink, "Well, I am glad there are no hard feelings. It would bereave my Ma'jun, your Mother, to see us dueling to the death again for Ben's love."

Rook then cheerfully stares at the shuttered window, contemplating wether to open it and risk letting the cheery sunlight inside.

"Yes, let bygones be bygones," Darkstar said cheerfully Axe held overhead, ready to finish Rook off and claim Ben. "LET'S BURY THE HATCHET!!"

"Not on my watch," Khyber hisses, he instantly pulls out a gun which shoots out a lasso to grab Rook's ankle, pulling his foot out from under himself.

And as Rook falls to the floor, Darkstar lunges forward and thrown off-balance, goes flying out the window screaming in alarm and rage as he falls to the ground. Rook having braced himself on his free hand and knees, not even spilling a drink.

"Khyber, what is the meaning of this!?" Rook growls as he straightens himself upward, and turns to level the Butler with a reproachful glance.

"My apologies, Sir." Khyber says in an unapologetic tone, slipping his gun back into its holster. "But I was just polishing it, and it went off by accident. I didn't break anything did I, Blonko?"

"No, unfortunately." Rook grumbles in a disappointed manner.

Khyber chuckles to himself, pleased to have saved Rook.


Ben and Ester, Argit's wife, were enjoying a game of cards in the downstairs parlor, and didn't even bat an eye, when Darkstar crashed to the ground outside the full length window of the parlor. Not even the fact that he swore a blue-streak as he ran alongside the house, and came into the room from the front hall, with the Axe stuck into his chest.

"Feh!" Ester grumbles, slapping the cards she was holding onto the table in a huff.

"Come on, Ester, you’re not cheating!" Ben encourages the Tungstan Based life-form, but brings his eyes up from his cards to stare at Darkstar in bewilderment.

"Hello, there something different about you?"

"Hmmm...Haircut?" Darkstar twiddles his fingers against the metal Axe impaled in his chest, before pulling off his helmet to show off the scraps of what's left of his hair. "Benjamin, I was hoping we could talk in private."

He then rips out the Axe and hurls it out the open door. A loud 'Thunk' is heard along with an indignant scream.


Darkstar winces a little, "Sorry, Mother."

"Well, Vanessa's injured body crawling up the stairs aside," Ester speaks up. "You better say what you want now, before we head off to our Yoga class."

Darkstar fixes a side-glance at Ester, but smiles at Ben, as he quickly zips to Ester's side, "Actually, Ester..." He hooks his arms under Ester's arms and lifts her up, to Ben and her own surprise.

"You know, you’re looking quite frightening today." He compliments.

"Oh, why thank you." Ester blushes, charmed by his suave tone. Unaware she's being brought closer and closer to a trap wall, where a gold chair is seated against it.

"But see I really need to talk to Benjamin," He forces her into the chair. "ALONE!!"

"WHOAH!!" Ester cries out as the wall spins around and now a large tapestry is where she was as Darkstar uses his powers to seal it. So it won't spin around again.

He can't help but spin around and smile at Ben, who squirms in his chair nervously as Darkstar kneels on one leg, and plants a kiss to the back of Ben's hand.

"Finally...." He grins up at Ben. "We are alone."

"Oh...Ohhhhh..." Ben starts to sweat nervously at hearing that.


Meanwhile, Argit was up in the kids’ bedroom. Ergho had recovered and was playing with the twins as well.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!" Ergho cried out, as his hands and feet were tied to the head and foot of the bed, respectfully. And was being treated to 'The Rack' treatment, which was obvious when a loud snap was heard as Bailey pushed at the crank, stretching out Ergho.

"You dislocated my shoulder!" Ergho shouts out, and then smiles down at Bailey with a wink. "One more to go, Bay."

Argit was tied to a stake on the other side of the room with a bundle of sticks at his feet. He was nervously blowing out matches, as Renoir kept trying to burn him at the stake.

"I'm troubled...." Ren sighs as he holds up the matches to drop onto the kindling at Argit's feet.

"Yeah, I can see that," Argit huffs as he blows out the matches.

"Not THAT 'Troubled'" Ren corrects, lighting another match, only for it to be blow out again.

"What's wrong?" Bailey asks as she stops stretching Ergho on the rack. She then walks away to sit on the edge of her bed.

"Cousin Michael is a homicidal Maniac," Ren tells them point blank.

"A blood-thirsty lunatic, a deranged psychopath." Ergho speaks up from the rack.

Another match is blown out by Argit as Ren fixes Ergho with an annoyed frown, "Forget about his Good qualities. He's trying to kill Father!"

"Your right! If you taught me anything, Dad." Ergho says to his pops. "We can't stand by while a member of our family is in danger!"


"AHHHHH!!!!" Bailey screams as something under her bed grabs her ankles, and proceeds to drag her under her bed, clawing at the floor and screeching for help.

"Precisely," Ren carries on like nothing is happening to his sister, and takes a few steps back from Argit.

"Whatever it takes. Cousin Darkstar HAS to go."

Ren successfully lights the match, and Argit is too far away as Ren drops the matches onto the kindling, and the flames burst forth and consume him.


Back in the parlor, Darkstar puts on some music and glances at Ben with a smile.

"Remember this?" Darkstar asks with a suave smile.

"Not exactly." Ben replies with a frown.

Darkstar frowns too. "How can you not know? It was to be our Reception Music, for our first dance together."

"Michael, if you picked out a song, it was for our marriage. And my Mother planned everything without telling me." Ben informs Darkstar with a frown, but soon yelps as Darkstar levitates Ben up to grab his one hand.

"Never the less," Darkstar coos as he starts to sway with the music and making Ben sway along to the dance. "It would've been ours...and it still can be..."

"Michael, what are you saying?" Ben asks in apprehension.

"My love, being dead may have rotted my flesh, but it has not rotted my love for you," Darkstar huskily coos to Ben. "Here, take my heart, my liver, my spleen, or whatever organ might be interested in...."

Ben gasps when Michael thrusts his hips into Ben's suggestively.

"Mi-" Ben's voice is high-pitched, he clears his throat. "Michael, I'm already Blonko."

But Ben is cut off when Darkstar dips him low and smiles at with with a fire in his eyes.

"Forget, Blonko." Darkstar sneers out the name. "Benjamin, I love you."

The two didn't notice Rook walk in shortly after Darkstar was making Ben dance, or when he saw Darkstar seal Ben's lips against his own. The record scratches, the music stops playing, and the bright, golden light in Rook's eyes dim. His mouth opens as if to let out a hurt shout, but instead his eyes water as he turns and silently leaves the room.

Ben immediately pulls himself away from Darkstar, wipes his lips with a grimace of disgust, and in a second, turns into his Four-Arms form. He grabs Darkstar, flings him up into the air, and breaks his fall with his right knee, only to slam his fists into the center of Darkstar’s stomach.

"AAAAUGH!!!" Darkstar cries out in agony, broke in two over Four-Arms’ knee, like Batman when Bane broke his spine. And with said spine snapped, he slides off Four-Arms’ leg, crashing to the floor as Four-Arms turned back into Ben.

Ben glowered down at Darkstar, and spoke tightly, in low simmering tone.

"I am going to pretend that didn't happen. But if you EVER touch me again, without my permission, you won't have a leg to stand on....OR A NECK TO CHOKE WITH!!" Ben's eyes shimmer sadly. "But Rook must NEVER know about this, if he found out his OWN Cousin, his Ma'jun's son betrayed would KILL HIM!!"

He stomped on Darkstar’s face as he marched out of the room.


Rook was dumbstruck.

Caught somewhere between enraged and heart-broken, Rook was not sure how to react. Oh it would be a simple matter to return Darkstar to the grave. And Rook would feel no small amount of pleasure from avenging his broken heart! But what of Ben? Was Ben so truly and deeply in love with Darkstar after all these years? Would Ben truly be much happier with Rook's cousin? All Rook wanted was for his Beloved to be happy. And if that meant allowing his Beloved to be with another man, then so be it.

However, there was still the matter of their marriage. After all, they had both vowed 'till death do us part'...

His mind set, Rook strode purposefully to his and Ben's bedroom. From his dresser drawer, Rook pulled out a cup and a bottle. Shakily, Rook poured the contents of the bottle (labeled 'Poison') into the cup before lifting it up, as though to make a toast. "My Heart's Flame! If your heart, indeed, no longer burns for me, than I shall douse my own flames...permanently!" With one swift motion, Rook brought the cup to his lips and tipped it back...only to find that the poison had burned a hole straight through its bottom.

"Ahh. Cruel Fate, will you deny me even Death!?" Rook cried out in despair. He flung aside the useless cup, and buried his face in his hands and sobbed.
Ben10- Deadbeat Relatives-Part 2
An addams family parody, of the episode of the same name. With the characters from ben 10 Omniverse, based loosley around the Drabble series, "Love after Love". Written by me and :iconspitfiresdad16:

Warning~ Dark humor as per Addams Family, suggestive talks and Rook's failed attempts at Suicide.

Triggers for Boy-Boy love.

Vanessa is MY OC.

Ren, Bailey and Ergho belong to :iconspitfiresdad16:

While the others, belong to their respective owners.

Writen per request of :icondarkamy1:


Now Edited and Beta by :iconscholarly-cimmerian:
Request: Dionysus and Vanessa by A-gnosis by the lovely A-gnosis.

her comic is to DIE for, and I made a request for my OC, as a Lamia. (Greek Monster) and the god of wine, Dionysus, getting flirty. ;)

Go check out her comics, their fantastic, original and a major spin-twist on the Greek Gods. But I love it :D


bbb35's Profile Picture
OC-Vanessa Masters
United States
SS-N, bringing you quality Medical Care and full time employment for ALL Life-forms in this Universe. For Genetic's is the Art of Life.

Super Science Network: "Innovators of the Present - Avant-Garde of the Future!"

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Benjamin Kirby Tennyson was on a psychological roller-coaster ride that he desperately wanted off of. As if discovering that there were alternate versions of himself wasn't enough, now this Prof. Paradox character was saying it was up to him to reboot the Ben 10 timeline and reassemble the team of 'good' Ben's to take on the evil ones!
 Yeah, easy for him to say!
 Rebooting the timeline was simple enough so long as you didn't count re-wiring Vilgax's ship, re-directing the course of the escape pod containing the Omnitrix, and making sure the younger Ben fell into the crater. Benjamin was just happy he didn't have to put out that fire; just how dense was his younger self?
 “If you won't join us,” Eon cried down to Ben 23, “you will suffer the same fate as all those other Tennyson's who refused us!”
 “That's Vilgax?!” Gwen 10 exclaimed.
 “That's Eon,” Benjamin corrected, “though, technically, it's me. I mean, a bad version of me.”
 At that moment, though, the billboard Eon stood atop of exploded, and the villain was sent hurtling to the ground. As the smoke from the explosion cleared, a figure in green and black proto-tech armor hovered in the air, by means of a jetpack, holding some kind of rifle.
 “If you insist on harming my partner,” the figure declared, “then I must insist on eliminating you, free of charge.”
 “Whoa...who's that bad-ass?” Benjamin asked, greatly impressed by the mystery figures moxy.
 Paradox grinned and answered, “That would be this universe's Rook Blonko. I expect we'll be seeing more of him as we go along. For now, I suggest we stand back and allow these two gentlemen to work.”
 And so the three watched the fight, amazed at how in sync Ben 23 and Rook 23 were. They had each others back and made up for each others weaknesses with their strengths. Eventually, Eon realized he was no match for the two and left.
 “There,” Paradox said, “I believe we can now make introductions.”
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