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November 3, 2012
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"So, Jealous Much?" A smug tone voice spoke from beside Rook.

"I beg your pardon?" Rook turned to face Ben who had a smirk on his face and a raised eyebrow.

Rook had come over to Ben's house after helping clean up some of the magma flow but the heat was so bad. Ben had suggested they go back to his place, his parents being out of town until the next morning at a Hurricane Relief Meeting.

The Revonnahgander was stretched out on the couch, a cup of ice water in his hand and protosuit half peeled off to allow his skin to cool off. A bit of a hard task considering Ben was on the couch beside him, leg's draped over Rook's lap and popping a ice cube into his mouth, sucking on it languidly before licking his lips and grabbing another from the bowl, he had on his chest.

The sight of which was very, very, intriguing to Rook and made his blood boil. Not a helpful fact for cooling off.

"I said, "Jealous Much?"" Ben restated with a amused half-lidded expression. "The way you kept insisting Ester was the criminal, she was attracted to me but shouldn't let that deter me from my Duty. Had the ringing tones of a man who was a little uncomfortable with a attractive woman flirting with his boyfriend." Ben leaned back coyly waiting for Rook's reply.

Well...that was unexpected. TRUE they had been dating for a few weeks now... mostly, thou truly they weren't Technically dating. Not by Revonnahgander or Earth standards, but it certainly wasn't casual 'Ding' between them....or was that fling? Not that Rook would EVER consider throwing Ben Anywhere. Unless it was to defeat a Alien Criminal. Speaking of which...

"I was NOT jealous, I was simply stating that you shouldn't be taken in by her appearance or behavior to you." Rook stated in a official tone.

"Mmmmhhmmm." Hummed Ben, nodding, but somehow Rook doubted Ben believed him. "Right, so you DO know I was trying to get a rise out of you by that 'Do you think I got a shot with her' comment, do you?"

Rook raised a eye-ridge in confusion. "A Rise?"

It means I was just teasing to see if you'd react to it." Ben dropped his feet to the ground, setting the bowl of ice on the floor next to it, as he slid up next to his boyfriend. "I know we'd say we weren't gonna go around telling people we're together but I wouldn't mind a little show of affection or "That's my boyfriend your flirting with" once in a while."

"Ah." Rook nodded in understanding. It was one of those Earth human "Things" he still didn't fully understand. "So, you want me to be more Spontaneous? Show my feelings for you more?"

"If it doesn't make you uncomfortable." Replied Ben, not wanting to push his new boyfriend to do anything to make him uncomfortable. Even if it meant Rook was cordial but distant when they were in public.

"Your thinking about Him aren't you?" Rook spoke softly.

"Wah? Oh!" Ben's eyes widened momentarily, as he pressed his forehead against Rook's shoulder. Hoping the heat would sooth his unfortunate reminder of "Him."

"No...thou I was thinking about how if you didn't want us to be Open in Public, it was similar to...Him."

Rook shifted and lifted Ben's chin up to face him, Rook's eyes soft and reassuring, to dissuade Ben's fear.

"Ben....we may be only together for a short while, but I DO care for you deeply. As Odd as it may seem to you humans, we Revonnahgander instinctively know when we meet one who could be a potential 'Flame-Sharer.'

"huh?" Ben cutely asked, expression slightly confused.

"It's more linked to your term of 'Soul Mate.' Rook informed gently, reaching down to squeeze Ben's hand as way of soothing Ben's nerves. "I just didn't want to put you off with my information. I have been told that Earthling's don't have that Instinctual awareness and can be alarmed by declaration's of being one's Flame-Sharer."

Ben's heart beat rapidly, Him and Rook...Soul Mates? He looked down a tad overwhelmed, but it certainly reassured Ben that Rook wasn't gonna abandon him and run off, leaving him in the lurch like a Certain Osmosisian did a month ago.

"My apologizes if I seemed Cold, Ben." Rook's voice cause Ben to look up at him. "I thought that if people saw us being, "Affectionate", it would draw unwanted attention and annoyance from the other people of Earth."

"Well, we don't have to hold hands and skip to the Plumbers base." Ben joked, but beamed with a smile happy over this news. "But I would like to let people know we're together and Off The Market."

"..Off..The market..." Rook slowly drawled out. Shaking his head with a amused chuckle. "You Earthlings have some Interesting phrases."

"True." Ben leered with a catlike grin, wrappign his arms around Rook's neck to pull him in close. "But I bet you couldn't do this with a picisian."

Ben sealed his lips over Rook's, startling the Boy to gasp, allowing Ben to slide in his tongue into Rook's mouth. The tongue was still chilled from sucking on the ice-cubes, giving Rook the pleasant chills.

Rook slid his arms around Ben's waist, pulling him in and squeezing gently as the two rocked together. Rook's hand cupping Ben's head as his tongue wrestled with Ben's in a saliva swapping duel.

"Mmmmm..." Moan Ben, puling away from Rook with a pant. "I bet Will Harrangue would have a FIELD Day if he ever caught That on video."

"Hahah." Rook tilted his head back, shaking his head with laughter. "I'd prefer Him NOT getting that kinda footage. He's got a cold-foot already when your concerned."

"That's hot foot, Mr. Jealousy." Ben leaned closer to Rook, peering into his eyes with a sultry gaze. "But, if you want to Cool off AND get a little hot." Ben leaned over to puff a warm breathe into Rook's pointed ear. Resulting in a shudder of pleasure from his boyfriend. "I can help you in both department's with a nice cold shower."

"Mmmm. And how is a cold shower gonna heat me up as well?" Rook asked curiously, eye ridge raised in question to his boyfriend.

"Simple. I join you..." Ben slowly stood up sensually stretching before he stripped off his shirt and tossed it over Rook's head. The Revonnahgander rushed to pull the shirt off his head, only to see Ben's pants and boxers land on his lap as Ben's head peeked from around the corner leading upstairs.

"You coming?"

Ben winked at Rook, before humming as he headed upstairs, Rook blinked in briefly stunned before a smile broke across his face and he struggled to get out of his Proto-Suit. To follow his boyfriend upstairs.

"Oh, I am DEFINITIVELY sticking around, Ben Tennyson. You can count on that!"

Rook gleefully thought to himself, once he freed himself of his suit and rush upstairs.
Crack yaoi. Boy On Boy

No Lieky? No Ready. NO FLAMEY!!

Thank you and enjoy.

A little One-Shot for :iconspitfiresdad16: A sorta sequel/midquel to his "Love after Love story.

Also, a apology to :icondreamer45:
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