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The proto-truck came to a sudden halt, slamming the two passengers forward due to the quick stop.

Two passengers, Jen Tennyson the infamous Alien-Shape Shifting heroine, and Rook Blonko a Revonnahgander Plumber from the planet Revonnah, were thrown back and forth inside.

Rook and Jen had a secret though. Both of them were also Boyfriend and Girlfriend, living a relationship that was kept secret from the general public. The Reason being that Jen's Grandfather, Max Tennyson, a High Ranking Official of the Intergalactic Police Force known commonly among the Galaxy as Plumbers, had the ability to separate these two if need be. It may have been a stretch to think that her grandfather would be so cruel to separate them after being partners for so many months, but Jen didn't want to take any chances. Rook was the first person who truly made her feel special in a long while and she was determined not to jeopardize that.

As such, for Jen 'Ten' to be dating her partner was considered a little inappropriate, so it was a secret. However, when the two had a chance, a moment alone in a room or on patrol like now, they would try to enjoy themselves.

Though this was not always possible when a bored Jen decided to fiddle with the buttons in Rook's truck. Her actions nearly sending the two on a wild joy ride before coming to a complete halt.

Rook slowly craned his head with a frown, having nearly bruised his temple on the steering wheel only moments ago. The action quickly caused him to catch his girlfriend, or Heart's Flame, as his people called it, before she could press another button. Rook immediately grabbed her hand and smiled in a pleading way towards Jen.

"Perhaps, Flamara, we can pass the time more constructively?"

"Ohhhhhh. I get it, I get it." Jen coyly smiled before unbuckling her seat belt and leaning into Rook, whose eyes widened at her action. Especially so when her hand slipped down to rub his thigh suggestively.

"Well, how "Constructive" do you want to be?" Jen said with a wink before frowning in confusion when Rook gently guided her back to her seat, and dismissively patted her hand.

"Although the idea you would give your body to me, as a expression of our love IS appreciated," Rook paused to gulp, feeling his blood boil at the idea, "I meant, we could engage in conversation."

"Oh...." Jen pouts, crossing her arms over her chest in a sulking manner. However she immediately lightens up when Rook soothingly rubs his hand across her shoulders. Jen smiles up at him as he returns the expression.

"It is just...." Rook looks unsure of his next words. "I do not know how Courtship works with Humans. We have been partners for 11 months and our heart's flames synched five months ago, but we know so little about one another. Other than our intense feelings for each other."

Jen's face broke into a bright smile as Rook slipped her hands into his, gently rubbing her hands between his own.

"What do you want to know, Babe?" Jen says, actually glad that Rook wants to know more about her. "Favorite Color, Favorite Food, Hobbies?"

"Green. Chilli Fries and collecting something called 'Sumo Slammers'" Rook gives her a teasing wink. "All Obvious within minutes of meeting you."

"Hmmm.." Jen hums in displeasure. Obviously she was easier to read then she originally thought. "So, you want more Personal stuff. Worst Fears, First Crush, Distinctive body marks."

Jen folds her hands behind her head in a casual manner, winking flirtatiously at Rook after mentioning her "distinctive body marks." Shutting her eyes, expecting to enjoy the cute flustered sounds Rook would make, much to her shock such sounds did not occur.

"Peacocks, Cash Boylyn from 6th grade to 8th," Rook begins, causing Jen's eyes to snap open at THAT secret being revealed and by her CURRENT BOYFRIEND!

"And a Scar on your lower back in the shape of something called "New Jersey," Rook finished by pointing at Jen's back.

Jen quickly jerks around to look at her own back before gaping at Rook with a vivid blush on her face. Before the Revonnahgander could respond, Jen began lightly smacking Rook on the arm, eyes shut in embarrassment.

"Ow! Ow!!" Rook yelped, lifting his arms to defend himself from the onslaught.

"I KNEW IT!!" Jen huffed, pulling back from her attack to sit in her seat. She points at Rook in outrage. "I KNEW you were trying to get a peek at me in that Ant Hill! "Wiping the Pheromone Secretions from my face with your Shirt."--Hah! Please!"

Rook held up his hands in defense, surprised by this sudden turn around of events.

"Jen, I assure you I was not trying to "Sneek A peak!"" Rook tried to defend himself.

Jen waved off Rook's defense with disregard.

"Don't try that I'm an innocent Alien who's ignorant of Human Perversity" routine on ME, Rook Blonko!" Jen gave Rook the stink eye. Said Alien had nervously held up his hand in a defensive gesture, as he leaned back against the car door.

"Wait.." Jen frowns, covering her mouth in thought. Allowing Rook to drop his gaurd for a minute.

"I get how you might have learned about my Scar...but how'd you know about Cash?" Jen looked flabbergasted. "I mean, the only person who EVER learned about it was---"

Her hand dropped as her eyes widened in outraged, realization.

"GWEN!!!" Jen snapped.

"Yes..." Rook slowly said, glad for the anger to be directed elsewhere. "I had asked her if you, well, truly liked me. She then revealed that you acted the same way with your first crush, a former bully called "Cash.""

"Oh Azmuth!" Jen groaned, slumping into her seat and rubbing her face in horror. Before turning to face Rook in growing horror. "So she told you and she KNOWS about us!?"

"Possibly, but I believe she said she would be discreet about it," Rook informed her helpfully.

"Yeah," Jen sarcastically chuckled. "Until she spills the beans to Kevin and he blabs it to everyone in ear-shot."

"But," Rook begins frowning in confusion, "Kevin already knows about us, remember? He appeared on that Web Chat of us after making love."

"SO DID YOUR MOTHER!!" Jen snaps, face beat red with humiliation over THAT particular memory. "And I had BLISSFULLY forgotten BOTH!!"

Jen groans, burying her face into her hands mortification.

Rook raised his hand as if to reassure her, but was cut off by the sound of her voice through her hands.

"If you 'There-There' me, Rook Blonko. I will shove that proto-tool where the Amber-Ogia doesn't grow."

Rook's hand froze in mid-air contemplating his next move, opting instead to pull her close to kiss the top of her head affectionately.

"I know it is not a 'There-There'," Rook whispered into Jen's hair, "but I hope this is no less comforting."

"Well," Jen drawled as she wrapped her arms around Rook. Resting her head against his chest with eyes shut, "I suppose it'll have to do for now."

"I see," Rook chuckles, noticing her obvious enjoyment of his show of affection. "By the Way, how DID you acquire this scar?"

Rook said while looking down at Jen's back as he started to pull her shirt up. The action causing Jen to squeak and slapped his hand away, frowning as she pushed down her shirt.

"I AM your Heart's Flame, but that DOESN'T entitle you to pull my shirt up whenever it pleases you!!" Jen scolded, blushing at the action.

"Oh, Really?" Rook said with a out of character smirk.

"Ye--you're just trying to change the subject!" Jen stumbles over her words. "So, how do you know so much?"

"I read your file for some of the things." Rook said with a casual shrug. "Like for instance, how you acquired that scar falling off of the hoverboard Tetrax gave you. Then you landed on your Cousin Gwen's "Collection of Small Metal States."

Jen just gave an incredulous stare at Rook. Mostly wary due to the fact that the Plumbers HAD all that info on her.

"Those Plumber Background Checks Are thorough, as in T.M.I. thorough," Jen muttered in distaste.

"Well, one must learn all they can about the wielder of the Omnitrix," Rook said in order appease his love.

"If you want to be Thorough," Jen suggested while leaning forward to trace Rook's chin hair with a finger, causing him to blush at the closeness. "We can perform our own "Background Search" here, Rook."

Rook gently held her arms to hold her at bay. Unsure that if he didn't, he and Jen would relive the incident with his Mother and Kevin.

"Uhh..." Rook trailed off, looking upward to search for a thought. Jen just chuckled, leaning her head to nestle against his chest as he struggled to change the subject.

"I did notice ONE Omission in your file that piqued my curiosity," Rook said after a moment of deep thought.

"What was it?" Jen said cheekily, stroking her hand over a muscled pec under rook's suit. "The fact I have a Sexy Revonnahgander for a boyfriend?"

Rook chuckled slightly, shaking his head at her words.

"No.....tell me about Feedback."

Rooks words caused Jen to stiffen, before quickly pushing off Rook and sitting in her seat, arms crossed in tense agitation.

"That is a BAD change of subject, Rook." Jen's voice had lowered and was shaky to say the least.

Rook's eyes widen in surprise, slightly distressed to see Jen so upset, he reached out to place a comforting hand on her shoulder. Which earned a shrug from Jen, forcing his hand off her person.

"Beloved, what is wrong?" Rook asked softly.

"I just.....that chapter of my life is something I like to avoid discussing." Jen said as she turned to look out the window.

"But...from what I read, Feedback was your most utilized Alien for a long period of time during your early career." Rook continued, hoping to reach Jen. "Then, suddenly, and without explanation, your use of her stopped completely. Curious, No?"

"No!!" Jen snapped, spinning around to face Rook with a angry look on her face. "And If YOU Really Love me, you won't EVER bring it up again!!"

Rook lurched back in shock. Jen then sighed, and rubbed her forehead in pain as a fist of instant remorse at her lashing out at Rook finally made contact with her face.  Jumping a little, Jen look at Rook in shock as he slowly took her hand in his, causing her to look up at him in surprise. His gaze caused her to smile in a woeful way as she gently patted the back of his hand.

"I'm sorry, Rook, but Feedback is something I don't like to talk about," She takes a shuddering breath, rubbing at her tearing up eyes. "It's a dark moment in my life, rather....Painful."

"I understand," Rook whispered, leaning down and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "I won't ask again, Flamara."

Rook pulled back slightly, but was halted when She reached out to cup his face, pressing her cheek against rooks with her eyes shut, sadly sighing.

"Sometimes, I wonder how many mistakes I'll have to make..." Jen said softly, mostly to herself. "...before I learn my lesson and stop losing the things I love most in life."

Rook didn't know what to make of this soft confession, but rather then dreg up bad memories again, Rook wrapped his arms around Jen's waist and pulled her into a warm hug. The Two stayed in that position for a long time before they resumed their patrol.
Just another little gift for my dear friend, :iconkhenmes:

While having a bonding moment with her byoyfriend, Jen is reminded of a painful part of her past, which shows Rook that his love has her sad moments in the past.
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cybergal26 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
It would be nice if Jen's grandfather, Max Tennyson, would like her and Rook have a relationship :please:
bbb35 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
He does, of course this is sorta on hold...or discontinued. Jen's creator, :iconkhenmes: Has vanished from the sight, and isn't responding to emails.

I know, I'm devastated, and it was such a promising series! Especially with the new eps!!
kaybugg1 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wowzers! coolage!
bbb35 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
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kaybugg1 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
np, have u written any other Ben and Rex stories or Ben, Rook and Vanessa stories?
Kaliko08 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Waitwaitwaitwait!!... they MADE LOVE!? and on a camera, in Rooks HOME!?!
bbb35 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Yes, it was from my "Compromising Positions." one shot :D


Rook's Mother: It's nice to see oyu again, Jen.

Rook's Da: YOu two have met.

Rook's Mother: We....knwo each how she has a scar on her lowr back.

Jen: :blushes: Hello, Mother Rook.
Kaliko08 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Oh the shock and emberrassment
Khenmes Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
Thanks a ton! Though you got my full comment via a note XD.

Also to those who are reading this: Sorry! I know this is just a selfish head canon of mine! I'm sure bbb35 will write some actual Brook for you soon! XD
bbb35 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
I may already have an idea, I was gonna use it for benxCastle, but I'll do it as Broken :D

YOur such a good friend, to put up with betaing my stories and enjoying my obssessive need to make up scenarios for you to cheer you up.

So, you have sorta a hold over me, but admit it. I AM pretty good with coming up with original Jen 10 scenes :D
Khenmes Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
Very true! I do love your scenarios and they do cheer me up!

My worry is that I may be isolating some of your fans because I keep pushing you to finish the Jen/Rook stories that you owe me XD. While I still want to read those fics, I think you should also give the OV fanbase its Rook/Ben romance tales. I mean, everyone has their favorite pairing, and Rook/Ben is far more canon and special, than whatever the hell my version is. And I will beta it for you if that's ok. :)

Thanks as always for putting up with my obsessive selfishness ~_^ I'll always treasure that.
bbb35 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
:huggle: Yoru too sweet, I'll have something again by end of the week.


:iconrookblonkoplz: Does that inccident on Gourmund Home World count as our first fight?

:iconpervyben10plz: I don't think so, but to be safe let's make-out-make up anyway.
marianagatto Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Loved the rewrite of the episode. That scene in "Showdown Part 1" was made to Brooken fans .
You can believe.
bbb35 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
Thank you, I had help as it was betaed. But she didn't need to change much, so I'm proud of this one :D
marianagatto Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Good .
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