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December 10, 2012
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Rook soon came back upstairs to Jen's room with a bowl of soup, some medicine for Jen to take and a cold compress to cool her down.

Rook set the Soup on the night-stand as Jen pulled off the blankets that were overheating her a tad, making Rook ogle her bare legs, Jen having opted for her neon green hot-pants, the hem of the legs stopping HIGH up her lengthy legs.

"So, Hrrmmm, Jen..." Rook cleared his throat to take his attention off his girlfriend's legs. Picking up the bowl and handing it to her in same moment. "How did Kevin and Gwen like watching over you?"

"Not much, Kevin in particular...Hehehe" Jen chuckled, giving Rook a shake of the head as she remembered something. "His words were, I hate to think how miserable she'll be when she gets pregnant. Although not much chance of that happening if she keeps throwing food on men that get close to her bed."

"Ehh?" Rook looked at her curiously, crouched on the floor Indian style to unscrew lid on medicine bottle.

"He tried to give me toast WITH the crust on, I smashed it "Jelly Side Up" on the front of his shirt."Jen explained.

"I heard about that, Kevin mentioned I should give you two aspirin and use a cattle prod on you." Rook said with a wry smirk.

"Hmm...Remind me to thank him for Keying it into the side of his Car!" Growled Jen.

"Here." Rook held out his hand with the medicine in it. "Take these and then eat your soup. No point giving yourself a headache over Mr. Levin."

"Right." Jen muttered, taking the medicine with a grimace, before spooning up herself some soup and sucking it up. "Mmmmm"

A pleased murmur bubbled up from Jen's throat as she proceeded to slurp the soup up hungrily.

"This is Awesome!" Moaned Jen in tasty satisfaction. "What is it?"

"Just a home-made remedy, my Majun told me was best for Humans." Rook explained, remaining in his spot on the floor.

"Mmm. What's in it?" Jen asked.

"It's a Secret." Rook responded automatically. "And in some Worlds a Vaccine, or so Majun told me."

"Mmmph!!" Startled by that, Jen swallowed hard but nodded along to Rook's explanation. Better off NOT knowing what the Soup REALLY contained.

"Be sure to eat it all." Rook scolded gently. "It took a lot of persuading for Vanessa to send this via Galatical Distance Teleporting, took up a lot of her Mana."

"I will." Jen promised, finish up the soup in silence as Rook sat and watched her in relatively stillness. Breaking the movement to reach up and take empty bowel from her to his enjoyment, please to see the soup taking immediate effect as Jen eyes lightened, face regained color and the red rimming her eyes vanished.

"Thanks..." Jen sighed softly, leaning back onto pillow, patting the side of the bed in encouragement. "Sit by me?"

"Of course, Amar." Rook smiled gently, seating himself on the edge as Jen lifted her legs up and scooted further onto her bed to make room.

"I'm sorry about before..." Rook looked at her silently. "For my attitude...I'm not the BEST person when I'm sick."

"I have dealt with serious criminals and lowlife scum, Jen." Rook reminded his girlfriend. "i doubt you could say or do anything to faze me."

"Still...." Jen's left hand reached to grab his and squeeze it gently. "Doesn't mean I should have a attitude with you....your my most precious person and I'd hate to think I hurt you with a callous comment."

She smiled at him brightly, draping her right arm over her chest looking bashful and Timid. A shocking undertaking given her usual personality.

"I realize....I have been at times, rude, loud and callous. I can't help it..." She sighs. "But I promise you I'll ALWAYS do my best to be respectful and polite and treat you with the love and adoration you deserve.....because, I can't even consider what my life would be like without you."

Rook had a floored expression, but a smile and amused expression crossed his features.

"And THAT, Miss Jen Tennyson, is what keeps this Revonnahgander around for now and for always."

"Ohhhh....Babe!" Jen gushed, she leaned forward arms around Rook's neck and lips darting for his...only to be blocked by his glove covered hand. "Mhmmph?"

"I am sorry, and even thou I would love Nothing more then to meld my lips with yours." A Sheepish grin crossed his lips. "But, I fear I may just get sick myself."

"oh..." Jen nodded, but pursed her lips and pressed them against his glove covered palms in imitation of a kiss. Rook smiled and kissed the back of his hand and pressed his palm forward into her lips. The sweet gesture had them bot beaming with a bright smile.

"You gotta admit, you Aunt is a bit...Wacked." SJen giggled, sticking her tongue out in a sheepish embarrassment for her comment.

"No, no, it's alright, people have said worst." Rook soothed his 'Amar.' She prefers people to be Honest, then be snide and say Nice thing's but mean 'Otherwise.'

"Yeah. But she has some talent and can make a MEAN soup." Jen complimented the Alien Sorceress.

"I thought you said it was Nice?" Rook asked confused, Jen looked at him to explain, but saw him wink at her impishly, showing it to be his way of a joke.

"Oh!" Jen lightly punches Rook's arm smirking. "I'm rubbing off on you, Rook."

"I hope not, what with your cold, Amar." Rook joked again.

Jen laughed, putting the empty bowl onto her night-stand as she took the cold compress to place on the back of her neck. Sighing at the cold feeling and looking up at Rook with her head bowed.

"Hey, where DID she learn to make soup like that?" Jen questioned as her boyfriend kept his eyes trained on her legs. But managed to pry his attention away from them to answer her question.


Jen gave him a amused smirk, catching his stare she pulled her legs up to her chest as she leaned back against the headboard. She chuckled as she held onto the compress to her neck.

"Oh.." Blushing at being caught, he coughs into his fist in order to cover up his stare. "Well, before coming to Revonnah she had lived in Italy, back in that Village she stayed in....Nobody went to the Doctor. They went to the Widow Caravelli. Whatever you had, she had a cure. (According to my Majun) She was most famous for her green salve to cure ear infections. One day, she gave some to Salvador, the village idiot. He misunderstood the directions and put in on his linguine instead of in his ear."

"Ha!" Jen snorted trying to hold back the laughter. "Well, I guess if you're an idiot with a hearing problem, you do things like that."

Rook nodded his head, chuckling at Jen's little quip.

"Actually, it turned out not to be such a Bad Idea. The stuff tasted great, so Salvador decided to market it." Rook shrugs with a bemused grin. "At first, things didn't go so well. 'Linguine with ear salve' on the Menu, didn't look so appetizing-but once he changed the name to Pesto Sauce, it sold like Laurt-berries!"

As Rook cheerfully finished his tale, Jen paused to think, since her head was now clearing up from the cold. There was something off about that story.

"Rook...I have a feeling your 'Majun' was making that story up." Jen countered with a frown of disbelief.

Rook shrugged in silent agreement.

"She might have, she was under the influence of Mindor Flower Pollen at the time."

That caused the Two to burst into chuckles at the image conjured up, Of a delirious and befuddled Vanessa, Dark spectre Queen of the Galaxy.

I'm glad you came to check up on me, Rook." Jen said, after the two came down from their giggling fit.

"It's my pleasure." Rook said, leaning down to peck her on the forehead gently. "Beside, I don't think you'd have like Majun coming to take care of you instead of me."

"Why?" Jen laughed, pulling off her compress to place it on the nightstand. "Because of her "Linguine and Ear Salve?"

"No....because, she would've just filled a dart with a sleeping potion and knocked you out." Rook stated matter of fact.

"Hehe...oh, our serious?" Jen paled a little as Rook nodded. Jen smiled, reaching out to pull Rook closer with her arms and legs, smiling as she wrapped her limbs around her boyfriend's body.

"Jen!" Rook startled, stretching his arms outside of her body to prevent landing on her with his heavy weight.

"What?" jen said coyly. "You said not to kiss you, Nothing about me holding you close."

"Still, I have to go and finish a report at Plumber's headquarters..." Rook said, blushing as he felt her T-Shirt ride up, and her chest rose as she took in her breathes.

"Can't you stay?" Jen cooed, reaching a hand up to trail her finger's across Rook's cheek. Looking up her her Cat-like lover with pleading emerald eyes.

Rook's face scrunched up, tempted to say 'No', but as Jen leaned to nuzzle against his shoulder with a pitiful little begging whine, he eventually gave a sigh of resignation.

"Very well, I will stay, until you fall asleep.' Rook said.

Jen gave a happy little cry of joy, sliding out from under rook to lay her head on her pillow's, reaching for rook who slipped off his shoes to crawl up next to Jen. His arms wrapped around her body to hold her close as he tugged a blanket over the two lovers.

"Thank you, Rook." Jen sighed, eyes slowly lowering.

"Your Welcome, Amar." Rook mumbled, lips pressing to her forehead, relieved to feel the Female-Omnitrix wearer's temperature drop down.

"I love you..."

It was quiet, but Rook heard it and smiled happily, hugging her a little closer to himself.

"I love you too, Amar."

Jen snuggled closer to her Love and he to her, and soon the two drifted into a deep sleep.
Finished One Shot for Luminak, here's hoping she enjoy's how I ended it.

And hoping she'll like the stories to come.

Jen 10 is her's.

Vanessa who's referenced is mine.

Read, Enjoy and Comment :D
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