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Rook knocked on the front door of the Tennyson Household, as he had come to keep an eye on Jen, as Carl and Sandra, Jen's Parents, were currently at work during the summer. The Task of making sure Jen SURVIVED was left to her dear sweet friends.

Rook had been asked to come see Jen who, according to Magister Tennyson, was confined to her bed by order of the Plumbers, this was instigated due to knowledge of the LAST time Jen had tried to use her Aliens while Sick...well, Rook wasn't sure WHAT happened. But it involved Hives, Ice Fire, and A Swarm of cockroaches and WAY too many Alien Fluids...according to Gwen Tennyson.

A frazzled looking Kevin Levin opened the door, sighing in relief and waving Rook in, walking toward the kitchen as rook followed as small package in hand.

"Hello, Kevin. How is she?" Rook fought the enforced manners which decreed he call Kevin, Mr. Levin, but Kevin didn't appreciate it, so manners dictated he call him by his first name.

"Nothing two aspirin and a cattle prod wouldn't cure." Kevin dryly quipped.

"KEVIN!!" A Voice snapped from the kitchen.

The Two men stepped inside to see Gwen Tennyson, a knife in hand and poised over a piece of toast that had half of its crust cleanly sliced off. The Red-head's eyes were trained on Kevin in a deep frown.

"If it's the Truth, you should just say it, no whacked out lies." Kevin Quoted pointing at Gwen. "That's what YOU always say."

"I also say, 'Stop Tormenting My Cousin or I'll Kick you in places that you should NEVER kick a man." Gwen said the knife aimed at Kevin in warning, who responded with a nervous gulp and shuffling on his feet.

"What places are those? "Rook asked innocently.

Gwen and Kevin turned to stare at him briefly, before turning to look at each other and shaking their heads.

"You'll know when you've stayed on Earth a little longer." Gwen explained, before placing the crust-less toast onto a small plate, before handing it and a Glass of Orange juice to Rook.

"People keep saying that," Rook remarked curiously, accepting the glass in one hand as he balanced the tray on the small box in the crook of his other arm.

"Well, Jen's is upstairs lying in her bed." Gwen said, grabbing her purse hanging from hook on the wall. "She's been positively miserable since the cold first set in."

"I hate to think how miserable she'll be when she gets pregnant." Kevin shudders in fear. "Although not much chance of that happening if she keeps throwing food on men that get close to her bed."

Kevin remarked sourly, earning a confused look from Rook and a stink eye from Gwen.

"Well, what Did you expect?" Scolded Gwen. "I told you not to give her that jelly toast with the Crust on!"

"So, she smacks it onto the front of my new shirt, Jelly-Side Up?" Kevin retorted.

"She's sick, Kevin!" Gwen's voice rose, only to quickly look up the stairs in worry, before lowering her voice and pointing at Kevin.

"Look, we have to go anyway look in on that case of Sonic Wave's occurring in Pedmic 30 miles outside of Bellwood anyway." Gwen turns to Rook.

"Rook, you're sure you can look after Jen while we're gone?" Gwen inquired to the Alien Plumber Agent.

"I have dealt with sick people before, Gwen Tennyson." Rook stated formally as always. Gwen gave him a bemused look.

"Not Jen when she's sick." She stated simply.

"Come on, let's go before the Dragon Lady wales up and decides she wants US for Lunch." Kevin said in a hurried tone.

Gwen rolled her eyes, but waved bye to Rook, informing him where the food, medicine and drinks for Jen were set aside before heading out the door with Kevin.


Rook knew the way to Jen's bedroom, supervised of course by MR. TENNYSON, of course, and had spent some time in there waiting for her to finish homework to go on a mission or to just play that "Sumo Slammer's" game she adored so much.

Stepping into the room he noticed RIGHT away how badly Jen was sick, for instance....the room was a disaster!

Of course, Jen was hardly the SPICK and SPAN Girl that her Cousin Gwen was, thou what Spick and Span had to do with clean living domiciles was beyond Rook. He just took the Earth Idiom's as they came.

But, the room was kept moderately tidy, the bed was usually made and clothes were folded and put away.

But now....the room was littered with tissues, empty cartons of orange juice, with the orange juice stained glasses on the nightstand beside her bed and the bed...well, the Bed Resembled a Lepidopterran Cocoon at the moment. The covers on the bed being all swaddled and wrapped up tightly around the bed occupant.

Rook knew there was someone in there, as he heard a loud cough and groan of misery from within, a whine he was FAIRLY familiar with for a while now.

"Jen?" Rook asked carefully, skipping to avoid some cartons and set down the package to brush clean the nightstand with a cloth stored in his belt, as well as putting down some of the glasses to clean at a later time.

The Blankets quivered as a head poked out of the Blanket Cocoon, it LOOKED like Jen Tennyson, but her face was flushed, her hair was sticking out (More than Normally)and her eyes were rimmed with red circles.

"Aww. Ma, can't I sleep in a b-URRK!!" Jen startled her head jerking back upon seeing Rook, who jumped a little by the sudden action.

"Ma! Your all Purple!!" Jen said in hushed shock.

"Jen, it's Rook. Your Boyfriend and Sharer of your flame and Vice Versa?" Rook explained to the groggy Shapeshifter.

"I don't know..." Jen muttered, pulling one arm free to pull her way out of the tangle she was caught inside of. "My Mom has a habit of spouting Hippie junk like That as well....AGGH!!"

Jen had gotten her arm free, only to slip halfway off the bed upside down, thankfully caught by Rook, who pulled her back up into a seated position.

Once seated on the bed and blankets were smoothed out, Jen grabbed hold of Rook's biceps to steady herself, the blood rushing to her head from the movement dizzying her badly.

"Oh..." Jen gasped, squeezing Rook's bicep's experimentally. "Yep. Either Mom's new, Oak-Grass Shake Diet is working or it really IS you Rook."

"Well, why wouldn't it be me?" Teased Rook slightly. "I was Rook when I went to bed last night."

"What Day is this?" Groaned Jen, rubbing her forehead as she attempted to lean back against the headboard. Rook grabbing the pillows and placing them behind her back and head respectively to give her comfort.

'The last thing I can remember is my mom giving me some Nyquil to help me sleep.' Jen thought.

"I believe it's Saturday, Amar." Rook mentioned, fluffing the pillow she was leaning on before settign about picking up the tissues from the floor and tossing them into the garbage can.

"Aaagggh." Jen his-growled in frustration. "I've been Sick Three Days and still feel like crap?"

Rook paused in his clean up to look up startled.

"How would you KNOW what "Feces" feel's like?" Rook queried.

"Mmmm. It's a expression." Jen told him.

"A very ODD and Unappealing one I might add."

"Rook, why are you here!?" Jen said, snapping her head in his direction, wincing at the pain from the sudden gesture.

"To keep an eye on you and make sure you well." Rook replied.

"Well" Sneered Jen. "You've come by, made sure, so just leave me some water, a couple boxes of tissues and enough Nyquil to kill a elephant and I'll be fine."

She huffed, turning to fold her arms, frowning in discomfort and agitated beyond belief.

Rook wasn't bothered by her Verbal lashing, truth be told he had been forewarned and prepared for this kinda behavior from Jen. As Magister Tennyson told him, Jen was a NASTY character when she was sick, but Rook had dealt with Vicious criminals A LOT since his joining the Plumbers. So Jen's moody, attitude wasn't gonna bother him none.

"I'm afraid I can't do that." Rook said pleasantly, once he had the floor clean and the tissues shoved into the garbage can, he rose to give her a warm smile.

"It's my right and Duty." Rook explained.

"As a plumber?" Jen mumbled. She jumped slightly when Rook kissed her warm cheek, the cool contrast of his lips startling her, as Rook placed his hand over her's and squeezed it gently.

"As your Boyfriend, and Flame Sharer." Rook whispered.

Turning he headed out the bedroom, Jen watched him leave and felt herself feeling even more Morose. And it Wasn't cause of the cold.
Another "Jen 10" fic for Dear Luminak. Based on a scene from her Story [link] Chapter 3.

Hope she enjoy this, I'll have part two, the finisher, up soon.

Warning for SOME language, but Jen IS sick so it's to be expected.
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cybergal26 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
AWW :( Poor girl :(
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Too true. But Dr. Rook is there to hep out :D
Kaliko08 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
Man, I had no idea she gets cranky when she gets sick
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
Well, Ben's the same way, thou we only see him sick once.
Kaliko08 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
..... oh yeah I remember
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lol, oh Jen being pissy as usual. Guess she feels bad about it huh? Can't wait for part 2 and I love how sweet Rook is to her. He WOULD clean up her room XD. Poor guy. Love it and I can't thank you enough for your generosity in writing these two. It really makes me feel wonderful that someone cares enough to do this. Thank you so much!
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
No, Thank YOU for leaving such sweet comments and doing the occasional Comic of my work, or that Funny little "Ask-Rook" Question I asked :D :XD:


Radio Host: Okay, this next song is out to "Lover-Tiger" from "Amar." Love-Tiger, you must be REALLYloved because this is the SIXTH song she's requested for you. Oh! And "Amar" put that phone down and Get. With. Your. man.

(A giggling Jen seated on a couch with Rook, is shown turning off radio, smiling at a amused Vanessa who's sitting in armchair across from them)

Jen: I did! An hour later we were requesting, "Love Hangover!"

:iconrookblonkoplz: No, Amar. It was Three hours later, and I believe the song we requested was...(Leans in to nuzzle her face) "Didn't I Blow Your Mind?"

Jen: :giggle: Oh, Hush Up! (makes shsuhing gesture, but kisses him after each word.) Hush. Smooch! Hush up, now!
TheBlackenedHeart Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
Nice =D
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
Thank you, more coming :D
TheBlackenedHeart Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
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