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The Hour passed and slowly delved into a second hour, with Jen flat on her back on the couch, as Vanessa Scooped out some Reese's Peanut Butter-Cup Chocolate Ice Cream into a bowl for her, while Gwen sat in front of Ester, letting her long hair getting braided with little stones set into them.

"You Earth Girls have such Odd Courtship ways." Ester said, pausing in her hair weaving task. "Jen, If you're not upset enough about your Relationship being challenged by this Hussy, to go to Mr. Smoothie and kick her Butt. Maybe you should let Rook have this little fling?"

"Oh, Please!!" Jen stated, flopping up and turning to lean on her hands to snark at Ester. "How would YOU feel if TAK did that!?"

Ester stared blankly at Jen for a long minute, then it hit her as she looked up in realization.

"Oh, right! I'm with Tak now!" Shakes her head huffing in worry. "I GOT to remember that.."

"Oh, Sugar-Frost, it's not your fault." Vanessa said, taking a scoop of chocolate ice cream and squeezing it into a hamburger bun. "When the Only time you can go visit and be with your Lover, is when it's at boiling temperature, it's hard to keep the relationship steady." Vanessa then took a bite out of her "Ice-Cream Burger" causing the other's to grimace in disgust.

"Ok, One: EWW!" Jen said, sitting upright. "Second: I HAVE been with Rook, ALL the Time!"

"Maybe that's the problem, spending too much time with one person." Gwen said, offering her own thoughts of wisdom. "I'm not saying Rook should leave you, GOD NO, but...But maybe since he's only BEEN with you, he wants to be clear that it's YOU he wants to be with."

"Prefficely!" Said Vanessa through a mouth full of ice cream, before swallowing and dabbing mouth with napkin. "He's gone to her to see if there's still feelings, now if there aren't any, he'll return to you. Because My Rook doesn't go into ANYTHING if there's doubt into his mind, and it wouldn't be fair to you if he stayed and still thought about Rayona."

"This is depressing..." Jen bemoaned, pressing her cheek into the arm of the couch.

"What? That your first Serious Relationship falling apart after Three years?" Ester asked.

"No, that I'm Seriously acknowledging the advice of a woman who's gulping down a Hamburger-Ice Cream Sandwich!!" Jen whined appalled, gesturing wildly at Vanessa who had started started to put the remaining Ice Cream into a Glass with Chocolate Syrup and stirring it rapidly with a spoon and straw.

"What?" Vanessa looked up at them. "I want a Milkshake and Rook doesn't have a blender!"

Shaking her head at the girls, turning back to her cup as she stands up to stir it more. At that moment the door pings, signaling Rook's return, the Cheetah like alien smiling softly at Jen who perked up on hearing the door open.

"Hello, Jelly-Wasp." Rook Said.

"Honey-BEE, Rook." Corrected Vanessa, who stood out of the way into the alcove that was the kitchen.

"Right." Chuckles Rook, handing out a bag to Jen as he stands a bit away from her, Gwen and Ester Transfixed to their seats to see the development. "Look what I got, that Bubble-Gum that looks like chewing Tobacco."

Rook hands the bag to Jen who takes it with a soft smile, pleased that Rook came back and even brought her a gift, but since this was HIS apartment it still could turn out to be BAD News.

"Well...I asked for Chilli Fries but...thanks."  Pouted Jen, a little downcast as she popped in some of the Gum and chewed on it pensively in thought.

"Look, Jen...." Rook sighed as he started his sentence.

"Rook, wait..." Jen holds up a hand and motions him to sit down. "Rook, me and the gals went out to get Ice Cream, to vent, gorge and basically cleanse ourselves of various man-hating issues via Chocolate Transfusions."

Jen's eyes widen as she turns to look at Vanessa.

"That Reminds me, Vanessa." Calling over her shoulder to Vanessa. "I forgot to tell you, we had parked your Car in a No Parking Spot and they miiiiiight have Texted me that it was towed."

"What!?" Vanessa rushed over to hand Her Frosty Beverage to Gwen and FLEW right out of there...literally, disappearing in a flash of purple light on hitting the door.

"And as I sat here, I thought about all our time together and the moments we shared. In particular the Kypher kidnapping me and hacking my shirt up."

"He didn't eat your Shirt, did he?" Rook confusedly asked.

"I mean he CUT it up, Rook." Corrected Jen, huffing a bit at being interrupted. "But, thinking about that moment back then I realized....I've NEVER had ANY reason or Cause to doubt your reliability."

Jen turns to smile at him, in between chewing her gum, to look slightly downtrodden.

"I realize, I'm not the...Easiest to be with, or date, or be partnered with..."

"Or Related to." Quipped Gwen.

"THANK YOU!!" Shot out Jen, not looking away from Rook as she frowned, but let it drop on seeing Rook stare at her in anticipation.

"We barely knew each other, yet you came and saved me, and even thou I wasn't the most...Grateful stuck around." She blushes reaching out to cup his hands in her, rubbing his hands between her's, a nervous habit she had developed when talking to Rook about Serious Matters. "And you still were with me when I told you my Feelings...and you've stayed even 3 years later."

Jen takes a deep breath.

"I understand how you want to clear your past, if that's what seeing Rayona was about as I Assume."

"You assumed correct." Rook said. Jen sighed relieved on hearing that.

"So I figure, after all the times you've let my behavior or actions slide, when they REALLY had upset or hurt you, I can do the same here." Jen replied.

"Have my actions hurt you, Jen?" Rook spoke softly. A Startled light shining in his eyes as he placed his hand over Jen's.

"At first....but I later realized that, I had to give you this chance to clear your past." Chuckled sardonically. "After helping Kevin with Ragnarok, Charmcaster with her Homeworld and Julie rescuing Ship I should realize when I gotta just step back or be more understanding with a persons emotions."

"That's not easy to do, when you yourself are emotional." Jen looks up slightly shocked by the comment. "In this case you were right, I wasn't exactly sensitive to you about how you might interpret my going to see Rayona....but I realize now, after meeting with her and talking to her all this time..." Reaches to place Jen's hand over his own heart. "That I have no spark's or embers left from that Old Flame, cause there is ANOTHER who feeds the fire of my Life that's YOU."

By this point, Rook had his eyes locked with Jen and she was entranced, the fire and love she felt for her had the heroine speechless. Rook smiled, leaned down slowly.....and Jen held up a hand.

"Huh?" Gwen and Ester had watched the unfolding scene, before frowning in confusion that Jen stopped Rook.

 Jen turned and picked up a empty bowl from the ice Cream binge earlier, before spiting her chewed up Gum into it.

"Okay, now." Jen said brightly.

Rook's face was blank, but he leaned pressed their lips together for a quick, chaste kiss.

"I'm glad things turned out alright for you two." Gwen sighed at the little make up.

"Yes, I am Glad also." Rook beamed. "But really...I'm sorta Grateful to Rayona."

Jen raised her eyebrows at that in surprise.

"How so?" Questioned Jen.

"Well, if she hadn't rejected me I wouldn't have decided to become a Plumber." Hangs arm over Jen's shoulder pulling her closer, while taking her hand up in his. "Then I wouldn't have met you, Jen."

"Awwwwww." Jen and Rook turned to Gwen and Ester who were leaning against each other, swooning at the romantic scene causing the Couple to awkwardly chuckle.

"Makes me wish KEVIN was a Revonnahgander if their HALF as romantic." Sighed Gwen.

Jen smiled at Gwen in sympathy, but happy to have her Pointy-Eared lover back with to clear up One little thing.

"Now, Rook." Jen turned to face him, he turned from looking at Gwen to turn and smile at her in response. "Are you sure you've told me Everything about your past?"

"Like Why You Never Told Jennifer How You Asked That Revonnahgander Female To MARRY YOU!?"

Ester had loudly exclaimed at Rook, jumping forward and stretching her torso to lean on the arm of the couch and frown at Rook, as Gwen quickly skipped over, frantically spooning the rest of her Chocolate milkshake into her Mouth, while peering over the rim of the glass for Rook's reaction.

Rook's face took on a stone cold expression as he leaned over to stare Ester square in the face.

"Need I remind you, I helped OFFICIALLY immigrate you to this planet, and moved you into this apartment with adequate Heating Arrangements." Rook said in a low, serious tone. "So, as the Earth-lingo goes, 'I Moved you in here and I can Move your HAPPY ASS Out!!'"

That got Ester to back off with a sheepish expression and Gwen to turn around, slowly slurping her milkshake as Rook turned to a laughing and surprised Jen.

"Rook, I've NEVER heard you talk to someone like that before...." Bites lips. "i kinda like it."

"Yes, yes, I am a Poultry Magnet." Rook pause to shut his eyes and take a deep breath to settle, before opening them and looking at Jen. "Amar, I will be MORE then happy to go into this in Detail, Later. But right now, I have to go see my Dear, Sweet, Loose-liped, Majun. Please excuse me."

Rook get's up and marches toward the door, which slid open as he called out into the Hallway.

"Oh, Majun, GOT A MINUTE!!?"

Rook then headed out the door as it shut behind him, the girls all looked to Jen who was beaming with joy.

"Why are you so happy?" Gwen Asked. "You know Rook and Vanessa are probably gonna have a big fight about this, don't you?"

"True." Giggles and stomps floor with glee. "But at least WE'RE not fighting and still together!"

"Only you, Jen." Gwen said with a Eye roll, before sitting down next to her and as Ester joined them.

          So ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL!! Mind you, there's still the little detail of sorting out the mess between Rook and Vanessa for her BLURTING out Rooks' little secret...But they'll be settled at a later date...SEE YA!!

Haha!! That was fun to write, but I'll work on some more Broken, then maybe do more pics based on Luminak's Art.

She's SOOO pleased with what I do and hopefully it'll encourage her in her future Art or Fics.

:D So, read and enjoy and leave comments :)

also, Jen 10 BELONGS TO LUMINAK!! I Didn't Make Her Up, LUMINAK DID!!

Okay, that's cleared up. See ya!!
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Khenmes Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Really cool! So glad to see those two back together! I cannot thank you enough for doing this! I love seeing Jen in other stories, and of course I love her and Rook. If you ever want to use Jen again please do! Just send me a message so I can read it cause this was such a pleasure to find. I loved how the two made up, I love sweet fluffy things like the holding hands and the kiss. Also, on my tumblr I drew up a small scene of yours from this story. ^_^ Thank you so much, this stuff really inspires me and of course I can't get enough of Jen/Rook in my life.
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
:iconsupertighthugplz: I saw the Pic!! :iconcryforeverplz: It's THAT sorta thing that encourages me to draw more Art for you!!

Also, do I message you from, here or is there a way to do so on Tumblr.

I'll try my best to come up with More Jen/Rook stuff, as long as you keep the sexy Rook pics comign :D

Mayeb draw Jen or Ben oogling them?
Khenmes Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
lol I'll think about that, and don't worry there will not be a shortage of sexy Rook pics. You can message me on FFN or Tumblr in an ask or even here on DA. I'll probably get it. Thank you again for everything and I'll see about drawing that ogling pic.
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Just keep an Eye on gallery, will probably have something up by tomorrow :D
jessica499499 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
I look forward to this later date. Nice story!
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Thanks :)
TheBlackenedHeart Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
I liked it well done =D
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Thank you.
TheBlackenedHeart Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Anything for a friend =D
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