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December 2, 2012
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Jen was seated in Rook's little apartment waiting for him to return from the Store, the two were spending more and more time together with Jen even coming to spend the night at his apartment on occasion.

...........Not in the BIBLICAL SENSE of course, but it was just as satisfying to spend time in each other's arms at night.

Jen heard the front door slide open and her Revonnahgander boyfriend stepped in to her immense delight, she smiled up at him as he walked over to sit down, as he approached her smile slowly dropped and when Rook sat down next to her it melted into a frown.

"Hello, Amar." Rook purred to his girlfriend.

"Oh my God!" Jen's face fell into a stricken expression. "It's another woman..."

Rook smile dropped off into a horrified open mouthed gape.

"Who is she, Rook?" Leaning forward to peer into Rook's eyes with an apprehensive sad look. "Who is she?"

"Just an old friend from Ravonna.." Floundered Rook, shocked that Jen could guess that he met Rayona while at the Grocery store.

"Melody?" Rook's eye-ridge rose in shock at Jen "On X" estimate. "The woman who broke your heart and drove you from fair Ravonna?"

"Damn. You're on Ice today, ain't you, Partner?" Responded a Floored Rook.

"That's "On Fire," Rook."

"Right..." Replied Rook. "See...she spotted me and...Apparently, she's relocated to Earth and wants us to meet up at the Mr. Smoothie, which I want to One last Time.." Turns with submissive, worried tone. "If that' okay with you."

"What a relief." Smile Jen happily. "I Forbid You. There! That settles That. now doesn't it?"

But Rook isn't taking that laying down, although he probably SHOULDN'T upset the girl who can turn into incredibly powerful aliens.

"Aww. Come on, My Little Diamond-Rose." Flattering Jen, who looked displeased Rook was continuing the conversation on the matter. "This is a Chapter of my life I'd really like to close..." Takes Jen's hand into his, rubbing it gently. "So I may continue with the Ongoing Saga that is or Romance."

"Boy, you've been reading Nora Roberts again, haven't you?" Jen Deadpanned.

"Please, Amar?" Rook pleaded. Jen frowned, looking down self-consciously as she asked a question that had been on her mind, since she first learned about Rayona.

"What does she look like?"

"Oh, I don't know. About 5'2". Medium build. Regular, feminine facial stripe features...." Small smile forms on his lips. "Little small ankles."

The instant Jen saw that small smile, she was set off, standing up in outrage, flailing her arms wildly as she pointed at him.

"Forget it! You think I'm gonna give you permission to see some thin-ankled, Alien Babe with Ta-Ta's to Tuesday!? No!" Finishing her rant with a huff.

"Ta-Ta's to Tuesday?" Rook exclaimed incredulously.

"I know your taste's." Jen rebutted.

That fired Up Rook to shoot out his OWN little rebuttal.

"You know Jen, I could've gone Straight to see Rayona and you NEVER would have found out!"

Jen freezes stock still, arms flat against her sides, giving Rook the  Dark Glower of Doom for his poorly chosen words. The Revonnahgander winced at the icy stare and realized he'd made a Faux Paus.

" would've known INSTANTLY." Rook admitted with a brief look to the floor, before looking up at Jen again. "But Amar, don't you trust me?"

The sad little puppy dog...or Kitty-Kat look in his face had Jen softening a little.

"Of Course I Trust you, Rook." Sighs sitting down, head bowed in distress. "I just don't know what to do. My heart is telling me 'Noo,' but my head is telling me 'HELL NO!!'

Rook reached out to take Jen's hands in his and gently rubs them between his own.

"Jen, you are my Amar the one I have accepted as the ONLY one I could EVER love and EVER will, truly, you were picked out for me by the spirits themselves." Rook spoke softly to his beloved, who looked up smiling at Rook's touching declaration.

"Oh, Rook. I feel the same way, I mean...I was nearly 18 before EVER having a steady boyfriend before you..." Frowns slightly before brightening up again. "But I promise you I will do my best to be understanding, trusting and do my Very Best as your girlfriend, Amar and Flame-Sharer. I may not have been the most understanding or sensitive at times, but being with you makes me want to try better"

"So, I can go see Rayona?"

Jen's face fell into a shattered expression, what was he saying?

"Rook!!" Jen shot out hurt.

"It'll be in a well light, Neutral Territory, Mr. Smoothie!" Rook defended, waving his arms in desperation. "I won't wash my face, I won't trim my fur, I won't even Moisturize!"

"You don't even know what that means!!" Snapped Jen, turning with her arms crossed and upset face.

"I know it attracts the females....and the only female I want to attract will be right here....." Rook paused for a bit. "You will wait here for me until I get back won't you? It shouldn't take more then a hour or so."

Jen just stared into his beseeching face and couldn't say 'No' to him, even thou her Every Instinct told her not to let him go.

"Fine, Rook, Go." Jen said in a defeated tone.

"Thank you, Amar." Gives her a kiss to the cheek. "It's heart-burning to have you be so understanding."

Jen couldn't even bear to correct him that it was "heart-Warming" not "burning." She just gave a bitter laugh and fake smile.

"Oh, that's me. Good ol' understanding Jennifer. I'll just sit here...while a piece of my soul festers and Dies!"

There was a silence between the two for a moment.

"Well, again, Thanks."

Rook's inability to pick up emotional ques showing itself, as he got up grabbed the keys to his truck and headed toward the front Door. Jen staring after him with a incredulous look as Rook stopped to look over his shoulder toward Jen.

"You uh....want me to pick you up anything?" Rook asked quietly.

"Just go..." Jen sadly responded from the couch. The door to the apartment slid shut as stepped outside.


Jen quickly turned and leaned on the couch's arm to shout out after Rook, but he didn't hear her, a dejected look swept over her face as she just slumped back into the Couch HER and ROOK bought TOGETHER, emphasis on "Together", leaving her alone in Rook's apartment to drown in a Quagmire of Misery.

"I Need Girl Talk!!" Jen bemoaned.


                       [Half-Hour Later]
Jen was shown pacing in Rook's living room, but she wasn't alone in there, her Cousin Gwen Tennyson sat on the Couch, next to her was Rook's Godmother, also known as his "Majun." Dark Spectre Sorceress Queen Vanessa and Ester a Kraaho Hybrid, was seated in the Loveseat down from the couch, all of whom happened to be Jen's close or best friends.

"I can't believe Rook is with that thin-ankled heifer right now." Huffed Jen

Ester rises and removes her earrings, looking DAMN serious.

"I say we roll down to Mr. Smoothie AND KICK HER ASS!!"

Jen just stands there wit harms crossed smiling in disbelief, mouthing Ester's name in surprise as Vanessa and Gwen stare at her in disbelief. She settles down visibly.

"Or, we can just settle for Plan A: Sitting here thinking Nasty thoughts about her.." Ester muttered mulishly, as she seated herself back down onto the loveseat looking slightly embarassed.

Vanessa shakes her head at Ester's behavior, while hefting herself upwards to calm Jen down from her anxiety.

"Listen, Angel-Cake, I know your upset and Suspicious...But this is ROOK we're talking about..I've known that boy since he was in his Momma's Sack like a little Joey in the Kangeroo Pouch." Waving finger in, 'Take Me Serious Fashion.' "Now I have been there for Most, if not ALL his best and worst moments. And I can say this, He loves you...not DESPITE your Faults, but BECAUSE of them and that should tell you plenty."

"Vanessa is right!" Piped up Gwen from her seat. "Rook would NEVER just, go off and have a fling with some girl he used to know, he's not like that and you should trust him more."

"I just don't know why it's s important to him." Jen complained, still a little tender over this issue, it HAD only been half-hour for her. Sitting down next to Gwen, resting her head on her fist as V, rested Indian style on the floor.

Jen, it's basic male psychology. When a man sees an ex-girlfriend, he can't believe she's still breathing--and forming complete sentences." Gwen explained to her Cousin. "How does she do it? He must know."

"Cupcake, look." Vanessa fans her hand at Jen to get her attention. "You have Nothing to worry about."

"Really?" Jen asked, starting to reluctantly believe her Boyfriend's 'Aunt' "You don't think he's the Least bit interested in her still?"

"Please." Vanessa derived the idea, closing one eye in a sneer. "After the way She turned down his Courtship proposal?"


That got a lot of incredulous shouts of outrage and disbelief from the girls, causing Vanessa to slowly turn her head to face them in shock.

"Ah....Rook didn't tell you that?" Vanessa started tugging her earlobe in mortified horror at her slip up. "Ooooooh. I may not get to be asked to be Majun when HIS kids are born..." Gives Jen a wary glance. "IF...that is, you still stick around, Cupcake."

Jen just rubbed her forehead frustrated, unable to form a decent thought at the moment, but knew she had to say something.

"You know...the Old Jen, would've gone off to find a old friend or flame, and stock the fires pf passion to get revenge." Frowns. "But that would be Petty, Rude and outlandish."

"Namely, how you USUALLY are." Quipped Gwen cleverly. Jen gave her cousin the brief stink eye, who just chuckled, grinning in response.

"BUT--maybe I should stay here and wait for him, like he asked me....he's given me a lot, back-up, support, love...and he's always there for me. Even thou I don't always show proper appreciation and waiting is the LEAST I can do for Rook."

The other girls silently nod in agreement, before Jen let's loose a wail of misery as she flops back into her Cousin's lap.


The Girls just "Awwwed" in sympathy, rushing over to pat her in sympathy on her head, hands and knee's to console their Girlfriend.

Eventually Vanessa rose to her feet to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Questioned Ester who looked up.

"Well, if we're gonna stay here and Vent on Guys, I'm gonna get Ice Cream."

The Alien Queen then rose to her feet and headed out the door, leaving Ester and Gwen to comfort the overwrought Jenny.
Based on a piece of Art by the AMAZING luminak on Tumblr who Draws Art AND Writes Fanfiction.

With a VERY intriguing Genderbent Ben 10 story she's currently working on with "Rook Pairing!"

Pic is here [link]

Hope she appreciates, I'll have second part done by Tuesday, had a cold this weekend.
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1stSuperboyFan Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
First is Ester a female Kevin?
Second is Julie a guy now?
Thread who's Gwen and Ester dating.
Forth are members of the Brooken fandom just making up Rook's culture has we go and its so tit nit that is all the same or is are you guys getting the info from some were.
Finally I was just things this what do you think Rook's prot=tech can't do?
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
Uhhhhh.....No, Kevin is STILL with kevin.

Ester is dating Cooper and yeah, I think we're running blindly in the Rook Culture ;p :D
1stSuperboyFan Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Yay I forgot who Ester there and I read part 2 of this thought you said she was dating some guy named Tak. Also I read part two so I have to ask Does the fight with Rook has with your OK equal angry sex with Jen?
Khenmes Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Oh SWEET! Luminak here, using a VERY OLD DA account. Really like this so far! can't wait to see the rest. My only critique is that Rook is a little too savvy with human lingo? Or is this years later after Omniverse or something? Either way I love this! XD It's awesome to read about Jen from someone else's POV, you definitely get her dialogue down ^_^. Can't wait for the next installment!
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
:huggle: Than kyou!! :iconilavplz: Yeah, it's like...Oh, I'd say about three years later? Give or take :) So pleased, your pleased, gonna try more, or som Broken as well :D

What was your fave part so far? Mine was this

:iconrookblonkoplz: Can I bring you anything back?

Jen: (sadly) Just go. (Rook leaves) CHILLI FRIES!!!
Khenmes Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
lol! Oh okay, three years makes sense then. Damn, Rook got Earth savvy XD.

I do plan on writing more of the Jen/Rook pairing (well, leading up to their romance any way) as long as I'm inspired. So stay tuned! In fact, I'm writing the next chapter right now alongside some other projects.

As for my favorite part of this story? It was probably Jen trying to guilt Rook into staying by saying she would just sit there while her soul died; and Rook either doesn't get it or doesn't acknowledge it (XD). That seemed in character to me cause Rook doesn't let Ben/Jen get away with their bitchyness no matter how much he loves them. So I liked that moment showing Rook standing up against Jen's selfishness.

Although the chili fries scene is a close second.

I am curious to see how this resolves and why Rook is so adamant to see Rayona. Perhaps it has something to do with Jen? IDK. Can't wait!
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Yes, in a sense, Rayona turned down his offer of Courtship. Where the boy Ravonnahgander asks the girl to let him court her for five years, before proposing marriage. Rayona shooting Rook down was like not even giving him a chance and didn't want to be bothered by him.

HE came to Earth to put her out of his mind, but met Jen as a result, but now she's here and as he chats to her again, he realizes there's NOTHING. No spark and Jen is the only one he could think of the whole time he's with Rayona.

Sorta a....Cleansign of the mind. Making room for Jen and Jen only :)

But yeah, will be made clear in second part :D
Khenmes Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
eeeee! that sounds so cute! i cannot wait for the sweetness!
bbb35 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
It's Up!! Be sure to comment on it :D
jessica499499 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Interesting!! I like girl Ben!!
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