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January 2, 2013
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"I am going to KILL my majun!" Rook declared while standing up away from his bed, clutching the sheets around his waist.

Jen rolled her eyes, "What, even now? It's not like it's anything we haven't done before."

The naked human wrapped the other side of the sheets around her torso and smoothed out her messed up hair over the little bite marks on her pale skin. Rook's gaze trailed over her neck, small red marks on the surface. His face grew warm a little as the Revonnahgander desperately tried to remember what exactly happened between them last night.

"I cannot believe she would...drug me," Rook shuddered. "I do not even remember what we did."

Jen raised a brow only to smirk seconds later. Standing up from the bed, sheet wrapped around her body, facing him with an aura of power about her. Rook could not help but notice how strong her stance was, despite the marks he left on her skin. His gaze averted slightly when realizing he couldn't help but stare at her body.

"I can fill you in," she approached him. "You, my frisky love kitten, were VERY affectionate last night."

Rook raised a brow as he felt Jen's finger poke the middle of his chest accusingly.

"Affectionate?" he asked.

"Well," Jen started unsure, "maybe 'affectionate' isn't the word, more like boob crazy."

Rook nearly sputtered and took a half a step back from his girlfriend. Jen merely nodded at his expression with a grin plastered on her face.

"Oh yeah, I tried to push you off of me, but MAN you were persistent. Kept trying to get my sweater off and push me to the floor," Jen laughed. "It's almost like I didn't even have a choice in the matter!"

Rook's violet skin suddenly grew pale and the mirth in Jen's eyes dimmed when she saw his serious expression. Suddenly, Rook turned to face her and gently gripped her should with one hand while the other held the sheet in place. His orange eyes burned into hers, glazed with worry that confused the human girl.

"Jen," he started hesitantly, "did I force you last night?"

Jen's mouth was agape as Rook kept his worried gaze attached to hers.

Rook bit his lip, "Please Jen, tell me the truth. I could not live with myself if I made you do something you did not want to do."

Jen shook her head immediately, mortified and scared for him at what he suggested. Moving closer to her Revonnian boyfriend, the girl gently touched his face.

"Rook, while you were a little more....forward than usual. It wasn't forced," she smiled upon seeing the relief in his eyes. "Trust me buddy, if I didn't want you to do it I would have gone all fourarms on your butt! Besides--"

Jen blushed slightly, "I can't say I wasn't thinking about having you all to myself after the party."

Rook chuckled a little and gently gripped Jen's hand that rested so gently on his face.

"As long as it was consensual, then I suppose I am fine," the Revonnahgander suddenly grimaced. "Though I will still be having a word with my Majun."

Jen kissed her boyfriend's cheek who grinned and pulled her in for a gently hug. Snuggling up to Rook's warm fur, Jen began tracing the markings on his chest as she so often liked to do to relax him.

"Mm," Rook moaned approvingly. "So, amar, if I may ask, what did I do to you last night?"

Jen giggled, leaning closer to Rook's chest as he rocked her body in his arms, "Ah, I see some of that pervy-ness hasn't totally rubbed off from last night."

The human girl then lifted her head to his, "Well, if you must know, you started out by biting my ear."

"Oh?" Rook raised a brow. "Like this?"

Before she could say another work, Rook gently bit Jen's ear causing the girl to shudder in his arms. Jen wanted to curse her boyfriend for having such skilled lips. As he nibbled her lobe Jen remembered last night and began to grow weak in his arms.

"Yeah," she exhaled. "Just like that."

"And? What else?" Rook whispered seductively.

"Y-you uh, started feeling me up and, then we fell to the ground."

Jen could feel Rook's mouth twist into a grin against her skin. His arms then moved behind her back and underneath her behind as Rook gently lowered his girlfriend to the ground. Blankets intertwined and discarded soon after. Rook knew he'd have to have a talk with his majun, but that conversation could wait. Even though the Revonnahgander couldn't remember his 'experience' with Jen last night, he guaranteed he'd make this moment count.


Said 'Majun' Vanessa Masters, was startled by a sudden realization as she prepared breakfast that very same morning.

"Awwww!" She exclaimed in disbelief. "I Forgot to Tell Rook I put Catnip in the Eggnogg!!" She shrugs nonchalantly. "Meh. What's the worst that could've happened? He took off his tie?"
Amusing Sequel, courtesy of :iconkhenmes:

Who LOVED the New Year's gift. So, she wrote THIS one and gave it to me to submit :D

Her Birthday is THIS Saturday, so I'm gonna do a "Twelve Drabbles of Rook" for her in return.

That sound Fair?
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cybergal26 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
AWW :love: Nice to see Jen and Rook in love :love:
bbb35 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
It is :D
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lol.this was great!! :)
bbb35 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Thanks :D
jessica499499 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
I love Vanessa at the end and how heated you made Rook and Jen. Awesome work.
bbb35 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
:iconkhenmes: Wrote the first part, I just wrote Vanessa's finishing line :D
jessica499499 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Both were awesome!
TheBlackenedHeart Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
bbb35 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Must be how Zero felt.

Zero: But, I only felt Zoe, I didn't feel like Rook.

Zoe: No He....Never mind, hon.
TheBlackenedHeart Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
BTW, your request is almost done =D
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